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Tuya cloud

Homey App for the Tuya cloud.

This app was based on the Home Assistant implementation. Tuya has an undocumented API for Home Assistant that differs from the official API. This API supports login with credentials only with that API. The official API is also supported now. It requires an extra development account and keys. The API is also returning keys for local control, so maybe it’s in the future also possible to local control devices. But commands are not yet available.

Supported devices

  • Light
  • Switch
  • Socket
  • PIR sensor
  • Smoke sensor
  • Contact sensor

'Existing legacy devices can be used as long as they are paired, but can’t be added anymore

  • Legacy Light ( On/Off, some devices brightness and color)
  • Legacy Switch( On/Off)
  • Legacy Cover

The official API( non legacy devices) is using push messages, so changes to devices should be direct visible, so no more 10 minutes waiting for updates.

Color settings are not supported for all legacy devices, if it’s not working for your light, it’s not supported by legacy API. The new light devices have better support, but it’s still possible that your device is not supported yet.

Only when device is supported by API, it’s possible to add the device to this app. because I don’t own all device types, it’s hard to implement a device type which I don’t own. Contributions to code are welkom to add unsupported devices.


This app support the use of scenes. In the mobile Tuya/Smart life app you can make ‘Tap to run’ actions( In the past they where called scenes). Those actions can be called in a flow from this app.
The scenes for the official API are not automatically updated, for now new scenes will only appear after a restart of this app.

Setup Homey for legacy devices and API (DEPRICATED)

  1. Go to the setup page in mobile app or develloper portal
  2. Set Username, Password and CountryCode These are the same as with first login of the mobile app
    It won’t work with linked Cloud accounts like Google, Facebook or other
  3. Set Business. This is Smart life or Tuya and corespondents with mobile app you use

The colormap can be leaved empty. this is experimental and is used to correct the colors between Homey and the lights. It also only works for legacy lights and not for the new device types. If you want to use it, it has the flowing format:


The values are between 0-360. You have to include 0:0 and 360:360 Example:


This corrected for me the yellow color

Setup Homey for new device types

To use the new API you should follow the same basic instruction as for Home assistant/ Homebridge.

  1. Tuya IoT Platform Configuration
  2. Set the APi to use to both or Official
  3. The authorization key acces key and secret from step 1have to be filled in on the settings page.
    The country code is used to determine which datacenter has to be used and must match with your android app and region of your project. Only the number is allowed, no leading zero’s or + sign. Look in the link for correct numbering, it can be different for some countries then the known phone prefix.
    Mappings Between OEM App Accounts and Data Centers-Documentation-Tuya Developer
  4. Username, Password are the same as with first login of the mobile app
    It won’t work with linked Cloud accounts like Google, Facebook or other!!!
    It’s your mobile phone app login credentials, and not develloper portal credentials!!!

AFTER creating and linking the IoT cloud project, one day you’ll receive an email message from Tuya.
They write: Your Tuya service subscription is about to expire and you’ll have to renew it.

It is safe to ignore. This API is free of charge.

If you are already used this app, the existing devices will still use the old API!!!

You have to add the devices again to use the functionality of new API.
If You don’t need the legacy devices anymore, you can delete the legacy devices. When you don’t have legacy devices anymore, set the API dropdown to official only.


  • Add other possible device types
  • Support renaming of devices (so Tuya device names and Homey device names stay in sync)
  • Translation of texts
    • Fixed text are now moved to language files
    • Dutch and English now supported
  • Add other manufacturer Tuya apps
  • Replace settings page by setting device

The last point is needed to support Homey Cloud, until this is fixed, Homey Cloud isn’t supported and only Homey PRO is supported.



0.0.2 First version in App store

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Great! Thanks for adding this app to homey. I already did a feature request on github; but can you add support for the water sensor? Here is a link to the product:

€ 15,47 26%OFF | NEO Smart WIFI Water Flood Sensor WIFI Water Lekkage Detector App Kennisgeving Waarschuwingen Water Sensor Alarm Lek Alarm Thuis Securit

Sensors are currently not supported by the Tuya API. When the Tuya API supports sensors, I will look into it.

I have this thingie conected via this app:

4 sockets to be operated separately. 4 USB ports to be operated as 1 switch. And 1 switch to turn them all on/off at once.
Needed to build in a delay of 2 seconds to turn all the sockets on tho.


Great App. I bought myself an LSC Smart light by the Action and it works verry good

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Did you try to make a scene inside Tuya/Smart life app where you turn on or off all the sockets and call this scene from homey? I do this for my 6 living spots and works well. They turn on and off faster then my lights in dinner room which still have Ikea zigbee spots ( tried direct to homey and gateway).

Gonna try, ill let u know.

Edit: Did try to make a mood but same behavior. So maybe some interference from some other devices here.

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Too bad the solution didn’t work for you.

Hi @Jurgen_Heine.
I have a color problem with the lights from several brands (Deltaco and Kjell) using your app.

Deltaco SH-LE27RGB-f160 adds nicely and everything but color works great.
The device does not have a color wheel.

Using the other Tuya app the devices have the color wheel and all is working.

Any ideas what’s wrong?

This looks promising. I have 2 ceiling fans that uses TUYA embeded controllers… I use the smart life app to control them… looking forward to this app supporting fans!

How can you use a mood? I have a few moods in my smart life app, but homey says there’s nothing?

Can u also try that with the Tuya app instead of the smart life app?

Haven’t tried the Tuya app, because I like the smart life app better. But this is maybe the problem, when it only works with the tuya app.
I use a hue motion sensor in the bathroom with the lsc ceiling light, so it would be nice to use the moods, for example morning, day and night

is it possible to add the LCS Sirene to the app. The app itself look good, but it didn’t find the sirene, i saw only 2 options for adding.

@johan_bendz, how are those lights coupled in the Tuya/Smart life app? If this is ledstrip, then colors don’t work in Homey. This app uses the Home Assistant Tuya API which not supporting this for ledstrips yet. The other App is using a different method with local control. You can stay with that app, also you can control the colors with scenes.

@viix, fans are possible to add. I have to look into this, I don’t own one of those. Maybe you can help testing when I add those.

@Marina_Rietveld, I am using Smart life myself and should work. But I looked this morning in Smart life app and they changed the user interface. I still see my scenes, but they are called in the app now “tap-to-run”. You have now set condition to “click to execute” and in the task you define what your device has to do. The name you enter here is also the name of the mood in Homey. This name was limited, but not anymore. It looks like too long names are not working correctly.

@marcel_ridder, Sirens are not possible at the moment.

That’s correct Jugen, I have a few of these tal-to-run but none of them are visible?!

Have you tried to set a mood?

Yes, I have made a test this morning. The last one is the test mood of this morning.

But can you see/select it when you make a flow?

When I select “kies een item” there is nothing