[APP][Pro] Duux - Take full control of your indoor air quality

To all Duux users and @Martijn_Hoogenbosch
I got answer from Duux:

Our Homey app uses local polling to read device statuses and control them. The latest WiFi modules (on which we depend on a third party), switch to a cloud-based system through new firmware. Unfortunately, this system assumes a predefined set of standard functions that do not integrate with Homey. In reality this means that devices can only be switched on and off.
For this reason we have chosen to at least suspend support for the Homey App until support for this is extended. For this we are unfortunately dependent on external parties.
Hopefully you understand our choice.

So all (?) new devices are using the new Wifi firmware with cloud only access and won’t be added to Homey soon. The older devices have a local access via LAN and are added this way to Homey.

But hey, we have a Homey :smiley: :+1:
And as the new chips in Duux devices are Tuya based and Duux is using the Tuya cloud API, we can easily add the devices via Tuya cloud to Homey.