[APP][Pro] VeSync (Levoit)


Increase the potential of your Homey pro! Purify your home’s air or add the ideal amount of humidity!
Limited support is added to the VeSync Family by this app.

Supported Devices

  • Core 200s Air Purifier
  • Humidifier Classic 300s
  • Humidifier Dual 200s
  • Core300s
  • Core400s
  • LV600s aka Levoit 600 Smart Hybrid


Feedback / Bugs

Any requests please post them in the VeSync topic on the Athom Community forum
Please report issues at the issues section on Github otherwise in this topic.

Wanna buy me a coffee :coffee: or help to get the new Homey pro?

Feel free to donate to me for my work :slight_smile: It’s highly appreciated!

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The VeSync homey app is out now :slight_smile:


Hi. Is it possible to add the 600 Smart Hybrid? Cheers.

Yes, it’s possible but it will take some time, since I’m still waiting for my Homey Pro and have other apps that also needs work.

Also since I don’t own the device it can be tricky to solve all issue from a far.

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Let me know if it´s anything I can do to help. I have two machines.

I’ll let you know :slight_smile:

Also upcoming

  • Core300s
  • Core400s
  • LV600s aka Levoit 600 Smart Hybrid

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

The API used inside this app is now a own NPM package that is open source.
If you’re a fellow developer and want to contribute feel free to create a pull request :slight_smile: