App for Levoit, Etekcity, Valceno (VeSync)

Hello Homey Community :slight_smile:

I’m currently building a API for the VeSync app and then a app for the Homey Pro.
Just out of curiosity, what devices of this list below you have?
I would like to know if the work is worth it at all. I have e.g. just a Core 200S air filter

Edit: Also would be there someone here who would could create icons for the devices?

Etekcity Outlets

  1. Voltson Smart WiFi Outlet- Round (7A model ESW01-USA)
  2. Voltson Smart WiFi Outlet - Round (10A model ESW01-EU)
  3. Voltson Smart Wifi Outlet - Round (10A model ESW03-USA)
  4. Voltson Smart WiFi Outlet - Rectangle (15A model ESW15-USA)
  5. Two Plug Outdoor Outlet (ESO15-TB)

Wall Switches

  1. Etekcity Smart WiFi Light Switch (model ESWL01)
  2. Etekcity Wifi Dimmer Switch (ESD16)

Levoit Air Purifiers

  1. LV-PUR131S
  2. Core 200S
  3. Core 300S
  4. Core 400S
  5. Core 600S

Etekcity Bulbs

  1. Soft White Dimmable Smart Bulb (ESL100)
  2. Cool to Soft White Tunable Dimmable Bulb (ESL100CW)

Valceno Bulbs

  1. Multicolor Bulb (XYD0001)

Levoit Humidifiers

  1. Dual 200S
  2. Classic 300S
  3. LUH-D301S-WEU Dual (200S)
  4. LV600S