Humidifier levoit integration?

hi there,
i am using the homey pro since a vew month and i am very satisfied with the integration of several devices.

as we have existing humidiefiers from levoit (classic 300s and dual 200s) we now want to integrate them in the homey system, which seems not to be as easy.

the humidifiers are now linked to the vesync app, which is not yet part of the homey environment…

is there any experience to do so? please let me know- thank you :wink:


do you still use Levoit devices? If yes, you are still interested in an app?

Hey there,

I am still using the Levoit devices and would appreciate an app very much on the Homey Pro. The following devices are in use:

  • Humidifier Classic 300s
  • Humidifier Dual 200s

Please let me know if an app will be available, thank you very much!