VOCOlinc App or systems to dedicated correctly detect all VOCOlinc devices

Hello everyone!

Before writing this post I read everything I found searching for: VOCOlinc; but without success…

I am a disabled person and have solved many of my problems with Shelly and VOCOlinc products. Unfortunately for VOCOlinc I have not found a dedicated App.

Is there a VOCOlinc App that I may not have found?
Or is there an App for the new Homey Pro (2023) capable of perfectly detecting and managing these products?

Thanks everyone, see you soon!

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Guess there is no App,

please contact the manufacturer to let them create a App for Homey.

Dear Dijker,

in the past I happened to pay the Plug-Ins for WordPress; Today I am evaluating the purchase of Homey Pro according to the Apps it offers.

If Homey Pro doesn’t cover me at least the needs Shelly (OK!) and VOCOlinc (NO!), sadly, I won’t buy it.

I will contact VOCOlinc to raise awareness on the subject, but I believe it is also up to Homey to contact those who are not yet participating in the project.

As for VOCOlinc products: I use almost all those suitable for the Italian network.

Thank you so much, see you soon!

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Pls contact Athom for that,
This is a community forum with community developers and users.
Or maybe create an app yourself…

Dear Dijker,

yes, I will contact both Athom and VOCOlinc.

Thank you so much, see you soon!

Hello, has the support for VOCOLINC already been resolved?

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I think not… I don’t know if that a VOCOlinc App already exists…

It is a pity!

A very late reply, but while there’s no VOCOlink app;
maybe this is interesting for you and other VOCOlinc users as well:

I took a look at the app in the app store, and it looks very much like a rebranded Tuya Smart app.
When you can pair a device with the Tuya Smart app on your smartphone, you can control them with Homey as well with the Tuya Cloud app (only you’ll have to pair all Vocolinc devices to the Tuya Smart app first).

When a device is not supported directly by the app, you can control it / it can control Homey for most devices with two different little workarounds:

Main topic & howto:

Hello everybody, I have great news, I have just paired my Vocolinc led strip 2 directly to Homey with HomeKit Controller app

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Hey Horakmar, could you please give steps to how you got your Vocolinc lights into Homey Pro using HomeKit Controller. I have tried getting a bulb into Homey Pro and it’s just not working for me.

I don’t remeber… I think you have to pair into same wifi as homey a unpair from apple home. Maybe then you can try to add it.