Connecting VOCOlinc devices in HomeKit

Dear OH2TH,

I read your post carefully, but maybe I’m missing something…

I have many VOCOlinc devices in HomeKit/App Home that I would like to include in the Homey Pro 2023 (and not vice versa).

What is the correct procedure?
Is there a possibility that HomeKitty detects the name of the devices taking it from the Apple Home App?

Many thanks, see you soon

That’s not possible, Homey doesn’t have support for controlling HomeKit devices.

Dear robertklep,

what you are telling me is very bad news since I practically only have Shelly and VOCOlinc devices.

Athom had assured me, before the purchase, that it was possible!

However VOCOlinc devices are also compatible with Alexa (which I use) and Google Assistant. Will there be a way to put them in Homey Pro? I hope… :crossed_fingers:

Many thanks, see you soon

At least there’s a Shelly app: Shelly App for Homey | Homey

I don’t know why Athom has told you that VOCOlinc is supported, because it’s not.

No, that’s not possible either, at least not directly. Some people use Home Assistant as an intermediary system for devices which aren’t supported by Homey but are supported by Home Assistant (for instance, HA supports HomeKit devices).

This is now off topic and should be something about VOCOlinc devices, for which there seems to be several topics already.


Yes, it’s true!

Also replying to @robertklep: it is necessary to point out that Athom has never guaranteed me compatibility with VOCOlinc devices; what he did was assure me that, one way or another, these would be detectable by Homey Pro.

I think I’m intellectually honest, you understand that if Athom claims to “love Apple” it is difficult to think that Athom has not developed its own system to insert the devices present in the Casa App into Homey Pro. Is OK?!

@OH2TH, I think I was the first to write about VOCOlinc in this Forum months ago; I also asked VOCOlinc for an App for Homey Pro.
I’ll take a closer look at the Posts, hoping to find a solution!
If you know the right post, please let me know… :pray:

Many thanks, see you soon

Yes indeed looks like. I just want to keep this thread to it’s topic, about “people presence using HomeKitty”.

Dear OH2TH,


At this point I need to ask you one thing: what is HomeKitty for?!

If it doesn’t work, as it seems, for adding the Apple Home App devices in Homey Pro; is there an alternative?

If not, couldn’t Athom work around this by implementing HomeKitty?
That wouldn’t be a bad idea… Or would it?!

I am a disabled person who relied heavily on Homey Pro and its features, I find it difficult to think that such a solution is not native to the Athom software!

Many thanks, see you soon

Athom may love Apple, they just don’t love other brands that also love Apple and only provide access to their devices through HomeKit.

HomeKitty is described here:

HomeKitty allows you to control Homey devices (devices for which there is direct Homey support) through HomeKit.

I already said there isn’t, at least not without an intermediary.

Therefore Split to own topic.

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Dear @robertklep and @OH2TH,

I sincerely thank you for your support, but I think I have to face the facts: it is impossible to import the HomeKit devices present in the Apple Home App into Homey Pro.

I will write to Athom.

Many thanks, see you soon

Hello everybody, I have great news, I have just paired my Vocolinc led strip 2 directly to Homey with HomeKit Controller app. You can try it here: