Homey Pro (early 2023) and NHC - Niko Home Control

Hi all,

I’m currently using Home Assistant to link all my smart home devices and use them in Apple Home. As it looks like everything is possible in HAS, it’s also very difficult to use. So I’m considering a move to Homey Pro. The only problem is, my house is fully set up with Niko Home Control 2. So all lights, sensors, doorbell, blinds… everything works with Niko Home Control. When I look at the Homey App Store, it looks like there is no compatible app to integrate NHC into Homey Pro? Does anyone know if there is someone working on a new integration? The one I use in HAS gets plenty of updates and integrates almost every aspect of NHC. So without a decent NHC integration for Homey Pro, I can’t switch from HAS to Homey.

Hope someone can help me out here.

Keep HA, and just link it to Homey by using this great app

That way, all of your HA devices can be added to Homey.

I think the two systems combined is the best of both worlds.
HA for device support, Homey for automations.