Niko Home Control V2

New to this forum & verrrrryyyy interested to get meself a homey pro - but 1 thing leaves me in doubt!
I cannot find compatibility with niko Home Control V2
In my house I have a V2 Niko wired installation – does anyone have any experience with this platform?
Are there plans to integrate compatibility with this system?
I want to integrate all Smarthome apps in the house in 1 single platform - this is why compatibility with Niko V2 is essential for me…

I’m going to disappoint you but sadly no, this will not work and I don’t think it will ever work because Home Control V2 is a very closed (and expensive) system. What V2 modules do you have?

Thanks for the reply. Sad to hear…
I have just about everything, blinds & shutter controls, on/off lighting, dimmed lighting, motion detection, heating/cooling control, …
No workaround either? Homebridge >> Homekit >> Homey? IFTTT?

Looks like they made an API so there would be a slight chance this would work: API for technology lovers

You mean this like… I can do this myself (:thinking:) or more like Homey are prone to integrate this functionality?

Most of the apps are being made by random developers, so if you know a thing or 2 about developing you should give it a shot :stuck_out_tongue: .
Here’s an IFTTT workaround: IFTTT connection

Would love to be able to do that myself :grimacing:
Any way to motivate Homey to integrate Niko V2 in their long list of functionalities?
Ifttt could work but it’s a kinda messy workaround methinks

Not really :sweat_smile:. But if I’m not wrong then the HCV2 also has the ability to add other products to their system? What other smarthome apps/products are you using?

Some Ikea stuff, Hue, different sensors and weather station…

You’ll have to IFTTT most of them I’m afraid…

You could try to do an App request here but don’t count on it unfortunately.

No hopeful news yet? Someone who can fix this? :crossed_fingers:

You could try and contact the Niko Zigbee developer Niko Zigbee® App voor Homey | Homey

I have made an version that uses V2 - through the link DidierVU mentioned API for technology lovers (

I’ve made support for lights (on/off), dimmable light and routines as that is the types I currently have in my house.

I’m currently stuck in the validating stage of releasing the app as the images / icons used are not pretty enough for their standards and graphics are certainly not a specialty of mine. I’ll update you if I ever get a release published.

Hi @Baylife,

I use NHC (mainly via the small digital black touch screen or via the app) and would be interested to interface it with Homey and be able to use the routines I have created.

If it’s only a graphic/image issue that is blocking the release for the community, I might be able to help. It depends what the requirements are but I’d be willing to give it a try if you’re still able to work on that project.

Hi @Thibaut_Sim

I havent done much with it, i mainly use it for turning lights on/off based on motion sensors, door sensors etc. and general remote control of the light instead of using Nico’s app.
Are you looking for anything else other than light control?

It’s stuck in approval flow due to:

— The app icon is not up to our standards, it is identical to all driver icons. Make sure the app icon represents the brand or app itself.

— The app image is not up to our standards. Please add a visually appealing image.

— The driver Images all have a clipart type of image, please make sure each driver has an actual image of the device itself on a white background.

Please read through our App Store documentation before submitting your app for review.
Specifically section 1.2. Description, 1.4. Images and 1.5. Icons.
Guidelines | Homey Apps SDK

Hi @Baylife

I woud mainly be interested in being able to activate routines (lights) I have created in NHC based upon certain trigger (similar to what you’ve done).

Thanks for the guidelines. It seems they are quite strict indeed. Can you tell me how many drivers you have created ? It seems each one needs a picture and an icon in 3 resolutions which can quickly add up.


Exactly, its a bit of a hassle for just wanting to release something :smiley:

So far i have 3 drivers

  1. Light
  2. Dimmable light
  3. Routine.

I tried getting away with “work-art” images, but no luck.


OK, I’ll see what I can do then.

No promise on the deadline though :wink:


been following this thread for a while, i too want to get a Homey Pro but i have Niko Home Control 2 at home and i see it’s not compatible…

Any chance with your app yet?

Havent made any progress in publishing it.
I still lack all the visual assets for it to be approved.