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This Homey app adds support for many devices, scripts & scenes of your Home Assistant installation.

Currently the following device types are supported:

  • Switches
  • Buttons
  • Lights
  • Sensors and Binary Sensors
  • Media Players
  • Climate
  • Presence
  • Scenes
  • Scripts
  • Compound (combined & customizable device)
  • Services (start via flowss)

Installing / using the app

To use this app, just install it from the Homey app store Home Assistant Community App for Homey | Homey

There’s no need for configuring things up front, you can start right away by adding your first device, only now you will have to enter your Home Assistant instance’s local IP address, along with the “Longlived token”
→ when you don’t have one, create it by scrolling down at ‘http://your.homeassistant.IPaddress:8123/profile’;

When successfully saved, you can install devices without interruption.
After adding a new device on your HA instance, the entity list in Homey is refreshed instantly and you can directly add your new entity as Homey device.

Device types explained

  • Switches
    Any switch can be paired

  • Buttons
    You can press the button in Homey or react on a HA button press with a flow trigger

  • Lights
    Lights will be paired with their matching capabilities (as available on HA);
    this includes: brightness, colour and temperature

  • Media Players
    Media players can be paired, that includes TV sets, satellite / cable settop-boxes, home cinema receivers and more.

  • Presence
    This device represents a device_tracker or person (with assigned device_tracker) entity. You get the current state an an presence alarm, which can be inverted in device settings.

  • Climate
    Contol thermostats, heaters or air conditioner. Change the temperature and mode.
    Device dependent modes (fan, preset, swing) can be set using flows cards.

  • Scenes
    Scenes you’ve created in HA are paired as buttons, just press it to start a linked scene

  • Scripts
    Scripts you’ve created in HA are paired as buttons, just press it to start a linked script

  • Sensors
    Sensors are devices which return numeric values, like measuring and metering devices, weather data like rain, wind and such.
    Binary Sensors are devices which return an on/off or true/false state, like motion or contact sensors

And a special device:

  • Compound
    Compound is a custom device; in your HA instance, you can create a device which combines any sensors or entities present, which you then can pair with Homey as one device.
    There will be examples in this app’s forum topic. See link below.
  • There’s a little extra you’ll need to do:
    If you are using HACS, you can just add this integration to HACS searchig for “homey”.
    If not, you can download the files from
    and copy/paste them into ‘/config/custom_components/homey/’
    You’ll find example files and a how-to in that folder.

Further documentations can be found on my Homepage:


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And you can ask for further blog posts about examples, HowTo’s and technical insights

The thanks go to…

  • Rob Groenendijk and his work on the HA community app this app is based on.
  • Jeroen Nijssen and…
  • Peter Dwarswaard for their suport, ideas and app tests.

Help getting this app even better!

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Information for users of the HomeyCommunityStore version
This app uses a new app ID. That’s necessary because the old HCS app used the same ID as the Athom app. So installing one app deleted the other.
As this is a “new” app on your Homey, you need to add all devices from scratch and adjust your flows.

to be continued…

Detailed descriptions and examples

HA custom_component

  • Installation (HACS)
    Open HACS in Home Assistant, select “Search and download repositories”. Search for “homey” and install the integration.

  • Installation (manually)
    → Download the files from Github: custom_component/homey and copy them to a new folder “homey” in your HA configuration: /config/custom_components/homey
    → Then restart HA to load this component.

  • YAML configuration
    → If you want to include the YAML definition into your configuration.yaml, then take example.yaml as example for the structure. Copy the content into your configuration.yaml and edit the compound definition
    → If you would like to use an include file (the preferred variant), the insert this line into your configuration.yaml:
    homey: !include homey.yaml
    This way, you can add all compounds to a file names homey.yaml
    Use example_include.yaml as example for the structure.

Compound definition
The compoud groups a set of entities into a Homey device. As target you have to use an existing Homey capability. The capability defines, how the value is shown (as alarm, measurement or switch).
The Structure is:

  name: The name that is used as device name
    capability1: entity1
    capability2: entity2
  capabilitiesTitles: (this is optional if you would like to set another capability description)
    capability1: title of capability 1
    capability2: title of capability 2

If you need more than one capability of the same type, you can use subcapabilities (add .subname)

  name: Temperature
    measure_temperature.south: sensor.south_temperature
    measure_temperature.nord: sensor.nord_temperature
    measure_temperature.south: "Temp. South"
    measure_temperature.nord: "Temp. Nord"

This way you can combine a switch and its measurement capabilities to a measurement plug
Example: This are the needed entities of a SP120 plug used for a fan:

Combined as compound it could look like:

  name: Fan
    onoff: switch.ventilator_eingeschaltet
    meter_power: sensor.ventilator_energie
    measure_power: sensor.ventilator_leistung

Add this code to your YAML (using your entities :-)).
Then restart HA to take effect.

In Homey, add a compound device:

Select the “Fan”:

Now you have a device showing the two power values and a switch to toggle the plug.

As you can see, the capability description were taken from the HA entities. If you like to get other titles, you can add them to the YAML. And don’t forget to restart HA after YAML changes. If there are syntax error, HA will prevent you to restart.

  name: Fan
    onoff: switch.ventilator_eingeschaltet
    meter_power: sensor.ventilator_energie
    measure_power: sensor.ventilator_leistung
    onoff: Fan switch
    meter_power: Power meter
    measure_power: Power current

Removed from Homey and added again it looks like this:

A further example for air quality data (air purifier) you can find in post #130:

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This is a Wiki post for your wishes to the app.
Please add a wish for the Homey app itself or a HA device/entity you want to see in this app.
Please make a short! comment/keyword including the affected HA domain. Please don’t comment or discuss here.

I would love to see…

  • Add your wish here

:gift: Fulfilled wishes :gift:

  • add buttons “input_button”
    => RonnyW: added with version 0.1.6

  • Call custom service: make “services” list auto generated, replace domain with entity
    => RonnyW: new app flow action card with autocomplete lists

  • support for device trackers entity: device_tracker.xxxxxx
    HA has great options to track network devices, perfect to check is someone is home or not
    => RonnyW: added with version 0.2.3

  • direct Support for light entities with measurement
    => RonnyW: added with 0.3.0
    A sensor entity sensor.mylight_power is uses as measure_power capability for light entities light.mylight

  • direct Support for Cover entities
    => RonnyW: added with 0.5.0

  • direct Support for Locks
    => RonnyW: added with 0.5.0

  • direct Support for vacuum cleaner
    => RonnyW: added with 0.5.15

  • possibility to select multiple devices at once
    => RonnyW: added new pairing dialog with 1.0.0

  • “Always on”, “Power usage when on”, “Power usage when off”. /k4mrat
    => RonnyW: added general Homey settings based on selectable device class.

  • “What’s plugged in?” (“other”, “light”, “fan” etc) /k4mrat
    => RonnyW: Added device settings for socket/switch device. It’s using Homey core functionality like other socket devices.

  • direct Support for airpurifier
    => RonnyW: Add a fan. Then add HA device entities in Homey device settings or manually in repair view.

  • media image for http sources
    => RonnyW: Added support for http URLs

  • condition cards for generic capabilities

  • Alarm Control Panel device support

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Nice! I use the other HA app on a daily basis but I have missed some features that you introduce.

I have some issues to login in but I think I just need to have another go.
Am Inforced to use the local IP-adress? I use DuckDNS on my HA installation (https enabled).

That souldn’t matter I think.

Thanks, I will try more later. Just had a quick try with my duckdns server address https://xxxxx.duckdns.org:8123 with my newly created long lived token but I get “wrong credentials”. Probably something that I did wrong

that means it connects! you just entered a wrong key :slight_smile:

Or the app could not connect to the server. Both will raise the error because it’s just the default login view.

Hard to do it in a different way, I just copy the token from the app and paste it in Homey interface

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I also got “could not find that Pairsession”

This happens if the pairing dialog is opened for a too long time or the dialog lost connection to the app process in another way. Just close the popup and start again.

Is this instance running https on this port?
I tried https://mydomain.de with default port 443 and a reverse proxy between forwarding to HA as http on port 8123 and this works fine.

Okay, I don’t use reverse proxy, just plain simple DNS. I use the same adress that I normally would use to access my HA installation, same port. Just tried and it works to connect to in the browser.

But why accessing HA via DynDNS in the LAN? You can try via IP first if it’s working in general.

I just have the dns-address in my muscle memory, I always use it. But I also tried the local IP which gave me the same result.

And HA is running https? With a self generated certificate? Perhaps that’s rejected.
That’s why I’m using HA internal with http and external with https via reverse proxy to avoid such certificate based issues. I can try to figure out if the connection will allow bad certificates or not.

Ok, tried a “bad” certificat access (exchanged certificated to get a wrong domain error) and got the connect error, too. So you need a correct certificate if you are using https. I’ll check if I can tweak the connection settings to ignore cert errors.

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Thanks mate. Didn’t want to cause you more work, just to provide some feedback. :wink:

Every feedback helps us to get better :wink:
So I can check the SSL settings.