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@Jurgen_Heine hi Jurgen, I just sent you an updated log, now with more info, i hope.
Id of the log:

Jurgen, it seems to work now! The sensor reports the right status in the device screen of Homey. But now I noticed that when I switch a lamp on, the icon in the device screen in Homey will light up and off again. The lamp is switched on, but cannot be switched off again via the device screen. I can via the android tuya app.

Update: please ignore the issue with the state in the device screen. That is resolved by deleting the device and added it again. All works awsome and amazing how fast it works!!!

@Jurgen_Heine Awsome Jurgen!!! Thank you for your great app and support!!!

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Good to hear it’s working now

Veeeeery nice, Jurgen! Thanks!
Installed test version 1.1.0 and it works here.
I’ve got a wifi-2-IR transmitter, but this doesn’t work (yet).
The created IR devices are present in iot cloud environment.
But they can only be used via tap-to-run scenes.
Not an issue to me, but just for your information.

Hi Jurgen,

I created the same ticket in the git repo as well, but to let the fellow community help out I thought this might be a better spot.

I happened to find out about your app looking for a potential solution to control my IKOHS fan via my homey. However via the app itself I do not get the possiblity to add such a device. Clicking on any of the other (legacy) device available just provides a “there is no device available” error.

I stumbled on this project which allowed me to control it by python currently.

I’m talking about these fans.

Would it be possible to create support for such a thing and or could I help with making it compatible with the app?

In the meantime I did try to create scene’s as well in the hope that those would be integrated without a device being “supported” but unfortunately they are not in the list.

kind regards,

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Important Note - In the meantime I was aable to select legacy scene’s to trigger from the homey! So it seems like I can actually assign tasks to the fan.

Still just no support for adding the direct devices, as far as I am aware atleast.

When adding the device doesn’t work, try this neat section of the app.

-With the flow below, you’ll “listen” to event messages of your devices;
In this example a message of the ‘text’ type, which will return text, numeric and yes/no values.
This way, when you trigger the device you want to control from the Tuya Smart mobile app (Google store / Apple store),
or when you just activate a sensor, you’ll catch the device ID, function name and function value events, which you’ll need to trigger flows, or control Tuya devices.

Result of this flow:
the values received from a motion sensor (a.k.a. PIR):

How start a flow by an event of a Tuya device

Just by receiving and filtering on it’s exact event message, in this case a PIR sensor:


You only need the WHEN Number event received / Boolean event received cards, when you want/need to have a numeric or boolean (Yes/No) tag, for a truly numeric or boolean received raw command.
Example: a thermostat sends a room temperature update, which is a numeric value, and you want to use a ‘higher than’ / ‘less than’ trigger f.i.

Or you want to monitor / trigger a flow when a light went on or off;
this is a boolean event.

In Homey Yes/No, True/False and On/Off are the same.

How to control a Tuya device, with Homey

With the Tuya Smart mobile app, I turned the light I want to control, on and off.
This is the raw command info I received with Homey:

Screenshot from 2023-04-09 06-27-10

Now, we can turn that light on and off with this flow:

Well, when this all doesn’t make much sense to you, please try the alternative:

tap-to-run scene method !

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Hi Peter,

No worries fellow dutchman here.

I created the following flow similar to yours:

However triggering anything in the smart life app does not create an event or push notification. However I’m not sure whether thats because the events is not received or because the configuration of the app is not working properly.

When trying to add any device I get the following screen:

When trying to setup the app (since the update to expiremental) after pressing save I get the error code: “Error: Code: 2406, msg: skill id invalid”

It means you entered a Data center for another region.
For NL, “Data center” should be set to Central Europe (Tuya Smart Developer Center)
Screenshot from 2022-07-06 18-18-36

That is because the app is not yet configured right, and not connected to the iot cloud

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I have been having troubles adding my motion sensors from Smart life to Homey. I can add the legacy devices but not the original devices. When I try to add the motion sensor it gives the error “Please configure your app first.” I have configured everything and I can only add legacy devices.

Does someone know how to fix this? See pictures.

Please start by reading post #1 and use the smartphone app Tuya Smart instead of SmartLife


I get the error message in the Tuya cloud app
"error;code;1004;msg sign invalid

(ook voor Homey dus :wink: )

The cloud setup is working.
Tap to run is working in the local Tyua app.
The flow is selectable in homey but unfortunately the fan is not responding

Legacy = ending
Try the “execute a scene” card instead.

Hello Peter,

Then i get an error and no scene is selectable

Hello Peter,

It suddenly works spontaneously, but only with the scene legacy command

I was going to ask: what setting u use at the app config’s authentication settings
At Choose desired api(s), did you select legacy and official?

Did you hit Refresh scenes at the bottom of the config page? (Or restarted the app?)

btw I have it set at use official only while I don’t want to use legacy devices anymore.

Wondering if you got the airco connected to Homey? I have one in the Smart Life app that I would also like to connect.

Hello, not sure if this has been asked earlier, i did look through a lot of these comments. But I can not seem to add contact sensors. When I add a device, i get these options only.
No way to add a contact sensor via the other devices either. PIR sensors work and relay/switches. Latest app and firmware. Tuya latest also.

Any help would be gratefull, thank you

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in the tuya iot is my device not showing up,
my account is connected and i can control it with the homey only the rgb isn’t working