Tuya Wifi door sensor with the Tuya Cloud app

Good morning,

I’m trying to integrate a Tuya Wifi door sensor with the Tuya Cloud app.
The sensor is good to add to Homey devices:

But the status is not updated.

Does anyone have an idea?


Hello Matthieu,

Please use the appropriate app topic instead of starting new topics, thx.
You’ll find the link to the TC app topic at homey.app store, Tuya cloud app page.

When you found that topic, pls search the 1st post for RAW commands. That’s the way to go for your half supported sensor (it’s a different internal code probably, which is not fully recognised by the app). Using RAW commands works around that.

Please use search and ask in the appropriate topic as linked in the App store, or use the search to centralize questions about a specific App of device/brand.

[App][Pro] Tuya Cloud

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