Wi-Fi controller for actuator that supports Homey

I’m going to build a “door” for my robot vacuum, and have found this package on AliExpress. I’m however not sure I will be able to get this WiFi controller to work with Homey, so I was wondering if anybody knows of an alternative I can use to control the actuator with Homey?

Maybe this gets you started

This is a bit more coding etc. then I’m comfortable with. Would be easier to just have something that is already set up and ready to go included in Homey. But I’m unsure if I will be able to get this Tuja Wi-Fi controller included in Homey.

Ah I see. A Tuya wifi controller should be perfectly doable with the Tuya Smart app (phone) and Tuya Cloud app (Homey):

Perfect, I can make a scene and run that :slight_smile:

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