Homey integration with other apps (Tuya/woox)

I have just started with Homey. Most systems work fine (some glitches here and there such as with ikea lamps). Do you know if Homey can work with Tuya/Woox by connecting to their apps (so indirectly controlling the. Tuya devices instead of trying to do it directly?)

Hi Peter, welcome aboard,

Using the Tuya cloud app on Homey in combination with the Tuya smart app on your phone should do the trick:

How to set it up:
[App] Tuya Cloud - #264 by Peter_Kawa

A way to control almost any mains powered Tuya wifi device:
[App] Tuya Cloud - #296 by Peter_Kawa

I have 3 devices set up through the tuya app. The Tuya app also works for many other brands that use the same platform like Brilliant here in Australia.

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