Cleverio/ Smartlife bulbs, will they work?

I have a few gu10 lamps bought at in Sweden.
Their brand name: Cleverio.
App for controlling them: SmartLife.

Is there anybody out there that has succeeded in controlling such lamps through Homey?


I have bad experience with both the tuya api app and the tuya cloud app. That’s not the developers fault though :slight_smile:

So I flashed all my tuya crap with tuya convert and have them in home assistant with esphome. Then I just add them back to homey trough the integration.

Have the same issue. The cleverio app in homey does not work.
How did you solve it?


Long time since an update here but with any luck?

Does it work to add Cleverio wifi bulbs in Homey? And if so, how to do that?

Well, what @PascalB pointed to a while ago:

The Tuya Cloud app depends on the Tuya Smart app installed on your phone, and the tuya-compatible devices paired with it.
When some devices cannot be added to Homey, search in the topic mentioned for “tap-to-run”