Tuya Devices

I have a Nedis lamp that works with Tuya. I have added it as a smart device in the app on iphone called “Tuya Smart” and it works fine in that app.

But how to add this to Homey?

There is an Homey App “Tuya Cloud” by Jurgen Heine
But I do note find any instructions?
When configure the App It asks for Username, password-
Official API key?
Telephone coutry code:

I get the feeling that I am not useing the right app on the phone?

Any tips?`

Here you can start…

While Ronny pointed you to the right topic, I still like to show you how you can find that for any app:

If it is a zigbee device, you can use the Tuya Zigbee App.

If Stefan could add the lamp using the smartphone app, without any Tuya (zigbee) hub, it is a wifi device :wink: