Nedis ZigBee Gateway

Anyone, is it possible to add the Nedis ZigBee Gateway to the Tuya ZigBee app? I have several devices that aren’t recognized by Homey Pro 2023 (unknown ZigBee device with no functionality) and they are working perfectly fine in the Tuya app through the Nedis ZigBee Gateway.

No, but there’s an alternative: use the Tuya Cloud app. It can handle almost any device from your smartphone’s Tuya Smart app or Smart Life app.
So when you use Nedis smartphone app now, you’ll have migrate to the aforementioned ones first.

Hence it’s name, Tuya Cloud uses internet to communicate with Homey, so you lose the advantage of zigbee being a local radio!

And, Tuya Cloud app isn’t actively maintained anymore since Jan. 2023…

I prefer Home Assistant + zigbee2mqtt, or standalone zigbee2mqtt.
It communicates with Homey by local Wifi.
And, here, those devices added to Homey respond almost one second faster than with native Homey zigbee…

I use a used €50,- Intel NUC and a €25,- Sonoff zigbee dongle for it, and zigbee2mqtt recognises soooooooooo many more zigbee devices compared to Homey, also many new models are pretty quick supported

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Thanks Peter, this sounds interesting.

Maybe it is also possible to add the gateway directly to Homey Pro 2023, I tried this but no new device is recognized during pairing mode.

In this way Homey will act as local controller for the ZigBee Gateway and subsequent devices.


As far as I know this is not possible for the Nedis bridge / any Tuya bridge.
But when someone writes an app for it, it might be possible (like the Hue hub f.i., which is also a zigbee controller)

I am surprised the recommendation is to use HomeAssistant, where HomeyPro costs 399 euros as an all-in-one device. Before Homey, I had Home Assistant, and now, I have half of my smart home devices still not working. We should be able to make use of Homey Pro to act as a MQQT server.

You can, with the MQTT Broker app. But that won’t solve Zigbee issues.