Adding Hama and Nedis devices to homey

I’ve tried to add Hama and nedis devices to homey but it dose not work, I’ve used the tuya zigbee app but I do not think this devices have zigbee in them?

I’ve got this

Neither device has Zigbee. They are purely wifi devices. Unless there is an app for these devices, they are not compatible with Homey.
You cannot pair the devices with Homey in the normal way.
As an inexpensive plug with consumption measurement, I always recommend the Shelly Plug S (2500 Watt max.) It is fully compatible with Homey.

I know Nedis is a Tuya rebrand, and Hama appears to be Tuya under the hood as well (as a reviewer on the page wrote).
You can use them with the Tuya smart phone app, combined with the Tuya Cloud app on Homey. But the TC app is not maintained since last Januari and needs a new developer/maintainer.

I started my smart home with Tuya Wifi stuff, but I’m moving to zigbee gear. When you want to use Wifi, Shelly is a better choice I think. At least it can do without “the infamous cloud”.