Strugglering to get Homey working

Byuing a Homey Pro i was thinking Google home IFFTT bye bye. Now I am strugglering to make things work with Homey. As example, today I tried to connect my Nedis Wifi plugs, as I understand I first have to download the Tuya-app (which I have done) and connect my sockets. After connecting with Tuya and working in Google Home I get the answer in Homey, that I am supposed to add a script.

Is this the future for Homey? Everything is working flawlessly in GH and in Homey not. This is not my first encounter of that Homey doesn’t work

Black friday has a new meaning for Homey

I read between the lines that the only the Nedis things do not work. Perhaps search the Tuya topic or search for Nedis. I see there are a lot of topics about it. I do not have them, so I have no idea what you mean by ‘add script’.

Correct Renzo
Homey working with Nedis/Tuya is one issue. LG TV is another.Adding to that is a Sunricher device attached turned on but not able to turn off-

Hello there,

This is just a user forum, Homey certainly is not plug & play for several devices/apps. Please send your frustrations and negativity to Athom: Support | Homey
If Ghome works flawless, why did you buy a Homey?

OK, some hints & and questions for you:
With “Tuya”, do you mean Tuya wifi, or Tuya zigbee devices?
That’s two different worlds.

For a LG WebOS TV is a way better app available, goto

We’re happy to help you out when you can’t get things to work.
But help us too pls…

Impossible it works with Ghome without an additional hub.

What protocol/radio does it use? Zigbee or zwave?
If zigbee/zwave, are you aware of building a good mesh network?

If zigbee, are you aware of possible interference between your 2.4GHz wifi and zigbee? Did you check and tune the channels they use?

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Not my intention to awake this reaction. Ok I could fallback to GH. Do You understand my frustration seeing things not working

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I am really sorry if I have offended the forum, that was not my intention. Saying this I must stress that homey works without problem is not true.

I stand corrected

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You know what - I do understand that if you buy a Homey, you really want to add everything into the mix and every roadblock you hit which is harder then just plug and play kind of diminishes that ‘easygoing’ experience.
My advice would be to focus on one thing - and get that working. That way you are rewarding yourself in two ways; you have something working AND you really learn to work with the homey. In many ways it’s even better to get something working outside of the apps - because it grants you the knowledge to work outside of these apps with homeyscript, virtual devices etc. which are reasonably accessible.
For me - Google Home is in fact been the nightmare; half of the time things that should work are either influence by menu’s nested in the 4 th degree or just intermittent in their dependability.
I have Google Home as a companion and presentation device for homey - but wouldn’t trade homey in for Google when it comes to automation that I NEED to work.

I wish you success in getting the first thing working and enjoying the ride from there :wink:

Just my thought Vincent, thank You

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