Ynoa Zigbee metered smart plug - not completely working with Homey

I have found a cheap metered smart plug from Ynoa (on Zigbee 3.0). Its the LA-PLUG-10Amp.
I just assumed that it would work with Homey, as I expected it to be one of the numerous Tuya devices out there.

I can indeed add the device as a Tuya metered smart plug. Homey then says its added as a generic device. And it does work, Homey is able to switch on/off the plug. Although metering is not available.
I also tried adding it as some other devices but not successfully.

Anyone has an idea with what device this Ynoa is similar with? Will I get this thing to work or should I return these for another brand of metered smart plug?

Hey Bart,
Did you install the Tuya zigbee app?

Here you can find all you need

That’s not really how Homey works. Unless it has specific support for the device (it doesn’t matter if it’s branded “Tuya” or not, the device itself has to be specifically supported), all you get is generic Zigbee support, which only supports on/off and (for lights) dimming and color.

(the way Homey implements device support also means that devices that have the same brand and model as a supported device, or look exactly the same as one, are not necessarily supported, if they have a different internal identifier)

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Thanks Peter, for replying. Yes I used the this Tuya app. When adding this device as metered smart plug, it starts adding it, but then says ‘added as a generic zigbee device’. The result is that I can switch on and off but I can’t see the metering values.

I guess I’ll better return this one and buy a supported type.

Hi Bart, you can also ask for devices to be added in this forum: [APP][Pro] Tuya Zigbee App - #2145 by Daniel_Sommer.