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[APP][Pro] Tuya Zigbee App

This app makes Homey support Tuya Zigbee devices!

Tuya Zigbee devices are white label products and found with many brands, each brand will have a unique manufacturerName ID and this will have to be added to the app.

If your device is not supported by the app please leave a comment with the information requested below.

Live version: Tuya Zigbee App för Homey | Homey
Test version: Tuya Zigbee | Homey

Please allow newly added devices to initialize (start up) for at least 5 minutes before trying to used them, some devices (like a few Lidl devices) may even need 10 minutes or an app restart to work.

If you are unable to get color lights or tunable white lights to work; interview the device using Developer Tools and then restart the app.

Supported devices:


  • Temperature and Humidity Sensor

    • TUYATEC-g3gl6cgy / RH3052
    • TUYATEC-Bfq2i2Sy / RH3052
    • TUYATEC-abkehqus / RH3052
    • TUYATEC-yg5dcbfu / RH3052
    • TUYATEC-prhs1rsd / RH3052
    • TUYATEC-gqhxixyk / RH3052
  • LCD Temperature and Humidity Sensor

    • _TZ2000_a476raq2 / TS0201
    • _TZ2000_xogb73am / TS0201
    • _TZ2000_avdnvykf / TS0201
    • _TZ2000_hjsgdkfl / TS0201
    • _TYZB01_a476raq2 / TS0201
    • _TYZB01_hjsgdkfl / TS0201
    • _TYZB01_iuepbmpv / TS0201
    • _TYZB01_cbiezpds / SM0201
  • PIR Sensor

    • TUYATEC-lha8pbwd / RH3040
    • TUYATEC-zn9wyqtr / RH3040
    • TUYATEC-53o41joc / RH3040
  • PIR Sensor (Globe shaped)

    • _TYZB01_jytabjkb / TS0202
  • Smart Motion Sensor

    • _TZ1800_fcdjzz3s / TY0202 (Lidl)
  • Door/Windows Sensor

    • TUYATEC-g3gl6cgy / RH3001
    • TUYATEC-Bfq2i2Sy / RH3001
    • TUYATEC-abkehqus / RH3001
    • TUYATEC-sb6t7ett / RH3001
    • TUYATEC-rkqiqvcs / RH3001
    • TUYATEC-crr8qb0p / RH3001
    • _TZ3000_ebar6ljy / TS0203
    • TUYATEC-kbqf60nt / RH3001
    • TUYATEC-r9hgssol / RH3001
  • Smart Door / Window Sensor

    • _TZ1800_ejwkn2h2 / TY0203 (Lidl)
  • Water Detector

    • _TYZB01_sqmd19i1 / TS0207 (In Test version)

Plugs and Socket Strips

  • Smart Plug, with metering

    • _TZ3000_3ooaz3ng / TS0121
    • _TYZB01_iuepbmpv / TS0121
    • _TZ3000_g5xawfcq / TS0121
    • _TZ3000_vtscrpmw / TS0121
    • _TZ3000_rdtixbnu / TS0121
    • _TZ3000_8nkb7mof / TS0121
  • Smart Plug, without metering

    • _TZ3000_kdi2o9m6 / TS011F (Lidl)
  • 3 Socket Power Strip

    • _TZ3000_1obwwnmq / TS011F (Lidl)
    • _TZ3000_vzopcetz / TS011F (Lidl)
  • 4 Socket Power Strip

    • _TYZB01_vkwryfdr / TS0115
    • _TZ3000_o005nuxx / TS011F (UseeLink)

In-Wall units

  • 1 Gang Switch Module

    • _TYZB01_ncutbjdi / TS0003
    • _TYZB01_aneiicmq / TS0003
    • _TZ3000_zmy1waw6 / TS011F
    • _TZ3000_pmvbt5hh / TS0011
  • 2 Gang Switch Module

    • _TYZB01_zsl6z0pw / TS0003
    • _TZ3000_4js9lo5d / TS0012
    • _TZ3000_pmz6mjyu / TS011F
  • 1 Gang Dimmer Module

    • _TYZB01_qezuin6k / TS110F
  • 2 Gang Dimmer Module

    • _TYZB01_v8gtiaed / TS110F
    • _TZ3000_92chsky7 / TS110F

On-Wall units

  • 1 Gang Wall Switch

    • _TYZB01_xfpdrwvc / TS0011
    • _TZ3000_9hpxg80k / TS0011
    • _TZ3000_f8tmviy0 / TS0001
    • _TZ3000_gidy6sjs / TS0001
    • _TYZB01_qeqvmvti / TS0011 (MOES)
    • _TYZB01_seqwasot / TS0001
  • 2 Gang Wall Switch

    • _TYZB01_mtlhqn48 / TS0012
    • _TYZB01_6sadkhcy / TS0002
    • _TZ3000_fvh3pjaz / TS0012
    • _TZ3000_owgcnkrh / TS0042
    • _TZ3000_svoqrno4 / TS0002
    • TUYATEC-O6SNCwd6 / TS0012
    • _TYZB01_vzrytttn / TS0012 (MOES)
  • 3 Gang Wall Switch

    • _TYZB01_xiuox57i / TS0013
    • _TZ3000_a7ouggvs / TS0043
    • _TYZB01_b8cr31hp / TS0003
    • _TZ3000_wyhuocal / TS0013
    • _TZ3000_cdamjqm9 / TS0003 (Zemismart ZM-L03E-Z)


  • Christmas Tree Lights

    • _TZE200_s8gkrkxk / TS0601 (Lidl)
  • RGB LED Strip Controller

    • _TZ3000_obacbukl / TS0503A
    • _TZ3000_dl4pxp1r / TS0503A
    • _TZ3000_qqjaziws / TS0505B
  • RGB Bulb E27

    • _TZ3000_dbou1ap4 / TS0505A (Lidl)
  • RGB Bulb E14

    • _TZ3000_odygigth / TS0505A (Lidl)
  • RGB Spot GU10

    • _TZ3000_kdpxju99 / TS0505A (Lidl)
  • RGB LED Strip

    • _TZ3000_riwp3k79 / TS0505A (Lidl)
  • RGB Spot GardenLight

    • _TZ3000_h1jnz6l8 / TS0505A (Lidl)
  • Tunable Bulb E27

    • _TZ3000_49qchf10 / TS0502A (Lidl)
  • Tunable Bulb E14

    • _TZ3000_oborybow / TS0502A (Lidl)
  • Tunable Spot GU10

    • _TZ3000_el5kt5im / TS0502A (Lidl)
  • Smart LED Light Bar

    • _TZ3000_gek6snaj / TS0505A (Lidl) (In Test version)
  • Mood Light

    • _TZ3000_9cpuaca6 / TS0505A (Lidl) (In Test version)


  • 1 Gang Wall Remote

    • _TYZB02_keyjqthh / TS0041
    • _TZ3000_tk3s5tyg / TS0041
    • _TZ3000_fkp5zyho / TS0041
  • 2 Gang Wall Remote

    • _TZ3000_owgcnkrh / TS0042
    • _TYZB02_keyjhapk / TS0042
  • 3 Gang Wall Remote

    • _TZ3000_a7ouggvs / TS0043
    • _TYZB02_key8kk7r / TS0043
    • _TZ3000_qzjcsmar / TS0043
  • 4 Gang Wall Remote

    • _TZ3000_vp6clf9d / TS0044
  • 4 Button Smart Remote Controller

    • _TZ3000_fsiepnrh / TS0215A (Nedis)


  • Valve Controller

    • _TYZB01_ymcdbl3u / TS0111
    • _TZ3000_o4cjetlm / TS0001
  • Curtain Module

    • _TZ3000_vd43bbfq / TS130F - Test, not verified
  • Zigbee Repeater

    • _TZ3000_m0vaazab / TS0207 (In Test version)

Requested devices, to be added/work in progress:

  • Curtain motor

    • _TZE200_nogaemzt / TS0601
  • Curtain Switch

    • _TZ3000_8kzqqzu4 / TS130F
    • _TZ3000_ltiqubue / TS130F
  • 2 Gang Switch

    • _TZE200_nkjintbl / TS0601
  • Siren

    • _TYST11_d0yu2xgi / 0yu2xgi (Neo)
    • _TYST11_d0yu2xgi / TS0601
  • Smart Radiator Actuator

    • _TZE200_ckud7u2l / TS0601
  • Roller Shade Driver

    • _TZE200_xuzcvlku / TS0601
  • Water (flood) sensor

    • _TYST11_qq9mpfhw / q9mpfhw (Neo)
  • Smart Wall Thermostat

    • _TZE200_aoclfnxz / TS0601
  • Starter Kit Remote

    • _TYZB01_bngwdjsr / TS1001 (Lidl)
  • Smoke Sensor

    • _TYZB01_dsjszp0x / TS0205
  • Smart Dimmer Remote

    • _TZE200_dfxkcots / TS0601
  • PIR Sensor

    • _TYZB01_jytabjkb / TS0202 (Tuya)

If/When you find issues please create a crash report from the app and add your name to it and give me a notice here or in PM.

To be able to add more devices I will need help with interviews of the devices you want added. Anyone asking for a device to be added will have to have:

  • upgraded to firmware v5
  • have a physical example of the device
  • add it as a generic Zigbee device
  • go to https://developer.athom.com/tools/zigbee and interview the device
  • copy the info (by clicking the copy button/icon!) and post it as a comment here but make sure you put it within a code section (</>).

The Diagnostic device.
Supported devices by this driver right now: None

This driver is used when you have a device that is not yet supported by the app and I need help adding support for it, what it does is to listen to and log any commands the device sends to Homey. It will only be available in the Test version of the app.

When you use this driver I need you to follow these steps:

  1. Restart the app
  2. Pair your device using this driver
  3. Wait a minute or two to let the device start up
  4. Use the device in a way that you can describe to me in a comment. Example, if your device is a remote: push one button, hold the same button, push the same button two times, three times etc. Then do the same with next button. Document what you did and the order you did it. This is vital so that I can understand what commands are sent from each button.
  5. Send me a crash report from the app. Add your name/community nick to it so that I can see who sent the report.
  6. Make a comment in this thread with the information above.

Thank you for your valuable help! :smiley:

Disclaimer: This driver will NOT make your device work in Homey, it’s ONLY for diagnostics.

Github: GitHub - JohanBendz/com.tuya.zigbee

Thanks for all the interest in the app and all the help/support/donations! :smiley:


Any updates?

Hi there.

I ran into more troubles, this time with the Zigbee implementation in Homey and is waiting for the Zigbee update. Right now I have a working implementation of the temperature/humidity sensor but the magnet/door/window sensor and PIR is not reporting correctly as the Zigbee clusters that is used are not supported by Homey.

I can release the app anyway if ppl want it with just the temp/humidity sensor mean while…

I only have the temp/humidity sensor, so the app would be much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

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First version now on it’s way to the app store.
This release is only supporting the Temperature and Humidity Sensor.


The PIR and Door/Window Sensors will be added as soon as Athom’s update of Zigbee is done.

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Is that you hoping that Homey will support them after the rewrite, or do you know for a fact that they will be supported?

Haha, noone knows for a fact that anything that is not working today will work in Homey in the future :wink:

But when it comes to the PIR and Door/Window Sensors I have them working to a degree that I dare to say that they will be added to the app once Athom fix reports for the cluster ssIasZone.

In Holland we call that Sint Juttemis!


Might this App be used to support Securifi Zigbee devices? I can provide more info if you need it.

Hi Peter.

Hmm, I have never seen a Zigbee product from Securifi so I have no clue. Can you add one as generic and get back with the device information? (manufacturer name, device ID, profile ID).

Will try and do that and get back to you.

LCD Temperature and Humidity Sensor is not working for me, when adding no compatible app found and gets added as generic zigbee device.

Manufacturer ID: _TYZB01_a476raq2
Product ID: TS0201
Device ID: 770
Profile ID: 260

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Hi @Crimly, that’s a new Manufacturer that I will have to add to the app.

What brand is it?

// Johan

This one: https://www.aliexpress.com/i/4000277514396.html

OK, thanks.
I will add it to the app asap.

@Crimly, can you please test this version to verify that it works?

Seems to be working fine, thank you! :smiley:

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Don’t know if it’s possible to support the following device:
It looks the same as the Tuya LCD thermometer but has brandname Blitzwolf.

Specs are:

Thanks for the great support btw.

Hi @Wibo, yes I can do that :slight_smile: I’ll release a new version with that brand supported asap.

Thats fantastic!

thanks for the quick reply @johan_bendz :slight_smile: