Orvibo Door/Window Sensor

Hi all,

I wanted to move from Smarthings, and just got my first Homey device.

The device support is in general okay, but can it be that only a few Orvibo Zigbee devices is supported?

I have a lot of Orvibo door/window sensor devices, it would be quiet expensive to replace all of those.

Anyone know why they are not supported? or what to do?


Hi there everyone!
Just curious, having come here via Smartthings then Hubitat (then Smartthings again) is there ever going to be any love for Orvibo devices? I have about 6 motion sensors a few door/window sensors and a large UFO! (OK it’s actually a IR transceiver)
The transceiver is if I remember correctly 433.92 so I never used it with Smartthings. But the PIRs and door sensors worked great with Smartthings!
They are detected as ZigBee standard devices by homey.
Any possibility of any way to use them please?
On a side note. Generally so far I have been pleasantly surprised with Homey. I think the Homey deserves a bigger audience than it currently has. (There is only one place to get it here in the UK)
Thanks for any help or ideas!
Love and peace Garry

maybe it can be added to the Tuya Zigbee app

@johan_bendz is the guru here.

Hi there!
And thanks!
I had a quick look and it didn’t directly recognise them…
I am not sure what to do next.
There is a lot I need to learn about homey :sweat_smile:
I am more used to looking at my 42" computer screen to do things (like the old Smartthings IDE)
Being almost completely blind, doing things on my phone is a challenge!
Love and peace

Guess you are aware of the existense of the PC version of the Homey App called Homey web app, many things for Homey can be handled already in this app, more to come.

Hi @JPe4619 !
No! I wasn’t aware!
I am very new to homey and I read it originally had a web portal but like some other earlier features, it had been removed.
Thanks for your help. I will look into it!
Love and peace