Samsung SmartThings SmartSense Multi Sensor

Hi Everyone,

I am looking at migrating to Homey from Samsung SmartThings and I have invested in several official Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensors (Vibration, Temp, Open/Close) and Motion Sensors which are Zigbee based. Has anyone got these working under Homey without developing an explicit device?

Thanks all.

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@prj32 Did you manage to do this or got an answer to your question?

Sorry @Tommy_Rydel no reply. Still considering switch but have a bunch of sensors.

@prj32 from what I learned Samsung Smartthings sensors or other devices do not work with Homey. I bought the Homey and it does not support it, at least not out of the box.

Any news from homey or any app-maker??? Strange of Homey not to support it with a default driver for the basic sensors.

If you still have your SmartThings hub then I have a SmartThings app in the Homey community store that might provide a solution.
I have written it to support my washing machine but it does support other devices as well. I can also add support for more things with help from users.
Obviously it’s not a direct solution but might be a workaround.

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I also have a couple of smartthings zigbee sensors (multisensor/multipurpose sensor and motion sensor) I cannot use with Homey.

Very weird to see Homey doesn’t support and very sad to know they are not supported. They are very good sensors, very reliable, with very good signal (important in the case of Homey since signal strength is a weakness) and not too expensive.

I am currently switching from smartthings to homey so I am interested in the smartthings app Community. Could you please @Adrian_Rockall give some directions on how to get it work?

Have you installed the Homey SmartThings app from the community store?

There are instructions in the description to et you started.
If you have any specific questions after that then please get back to me.
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Thank you @Adrian_Rockall for your quick response and thank you as well for developing the app !!

I am new to Homey, just installed 2 weeks ago, so I was not aware of the existence of a community store. I will try it.

I understand that what the app does is to connect homey to smartthings hub and then enabling to interact with the devices already installed in Smarthings hub through Smartthings hub, is that correct?

Welcome to the Homey community. I hope you have fun getting to know Homey.

Almost, the app connects to your SmartThings account so it can control devices connected to your hub and also SmartThings devices that don’t require the hub.

Thank you again @Adrian_Rockall.

I managed to install the Smartthings app but unfortunately I found 2 issues:

  1. An aeotec energy meter doesn’t appear in the list of devices available.

  2. A smartthings motion sensor (GP-U999SJVLBEA, movement + temperature sensor) only shows in Homey the temperature. The motion status is not shown. Same thing with a sonoff SNZB-03 motion sensor which works well in Smartthings. Seems as motion item is not handled properly.

All the rest of the devices work well.

After going through the add devices procedure, the app populates a log in the App Configuration section. could you copy that and send it to me via a PM. That should show me what the missing device properties are so I can add them in to an update.

I have the same problem with the Smartthings motions sensors. The motion status is not shown

Any solutions ?

I never heard back before so could you follow the procedure above to send me the log?

I you want to directly use sensors then I think this should work, but im not fully certain (connected to homey via Zigbee)

Hi @CharlieCat

I tried adding this driver for the latest SmartThings motion sensor. With no success. It is only recognised as basic zigbee device with no capabilities.

Do you or does anybody else have the capabilities to amend or build a new driver with my interview output in below GitHub link?

hm, you gave me now an idea

Your getting me excited… Don’t leave me hanging :rofl:

I added there all ,smartthings" labeled devices from .groovy files you sent in the request
im working now on smart sense button