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Greetings Everyone,

Last week, I made a valuable addition to my home appliances - a new Samsung washer and dryer combo. To my surprise, I discovered that the integration with Homey was not yet available. Both the washer and dryer function flawlessly with SmartThings, however, an integration for SmartThings was notably absent. I decided to take matters into my own hands and create one.

Presently Supported

  • All washer models compatible with SmartThings, encompassing Samsung as well as other brands.
  • Comprehensive support for all SmartThings-compatible dryers, which includes Samsung and other notable brands.
  • Official app published by homey

In the Pipeline

  • Add support for energy insight (Cancelled since most Samsung devices don’t have a powerMeter capability. Samsungs power rapportage doesn’t work within Homeys energy insigh system)
  • Add support for air conditioning
  • Add support for washer/dryer combination machines
  • Add support for setting and reading (first then cards) washing/drying program (bedding, eco, towels, coton etc…)

Frequently asked questions

  1. I am changing my Air conditoning mode but it jumps back:
    Sadly Homey doesn’t provide a way to enable/disable the picker or to send a message to the user. When the air conditioning device is set “off” samsung is not willing to change the mode. Make sure the device is “on”!

The app is currently in the process of review before submission. In the interim, I’ll share some screenshots here for your convenience!


Hope it goes well. I have had a SmartThings app in the HCS for a couple of years, so good to see some completion :grin:

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Looking forward to it

thank you so much for working on this! looking forward to the results!

The one thing that is still missing in my house, thank you for working on this!:saluting_face:

Had some little feedback from Homey. 2 points I can solve for sure. I’ll be doing that this week and resubmit.


Will you include ac’s as well? Using IFTTT now to control ac via Homey

I would like to offer as much as possible. But I would also really like to encourage other people to contribute. I will also contact @Adrian_Rockall the expert when it comes to SmartThings.

For now I am just adding WHEN flowcards and showing sensors. I would add more functionality overtime following the needs.

I just finished Homeys feedback and a resubmission has been done.

How to get an Personal Access Token (PAT)
Here are the instructions of getting an personal access token.

Notes: Make sure that you do have a Samsung SmartThings account and that your devices are connected and visible within the SmartThings app(Standalone app of samsung itself not Homey).

  1. Open the SmartThings token page:
    If you are getting a login page, please login. You will automatically be redirected back to the tokens page. If you don’t have an account yet, please make sure to read the note above.

  2. Press “Generate new token”

  3. Choose a “Token Name” for instance: Homey
    Make sure the following Authorization scopes are selected:

    • Devices
      • List all devices
      • See all devices
    • Custom Capabilites
      • Read custom one or all capabilities
    • Device Profiles
      • See all device profiles
    • Drivers
      • Read all drivers
  4. Press “Generate Token”

  5. Your token will now be displayed example: “f7212as2-f9dd-4f63-1238-329f5c1dc2cs”
    Copy this token and put it in either the app settings or when the homey app is asking for it when adding your first device.

It’s live SmartThings App voor Homey | Homey


Hey @Menno_van_Hout
Nice app!

Is there any possibility to include energy usage aswell? :smiley:
That’s the thing I’m missing for my Smartthings

PS: Your topic is not in the right categroy, should be part of Apps instead of Developers :stuck_out_tongue: (you can change it on the top post)

Does it work with combined samsung washer and dryer in one unit?

Let me look into that feature. I think it’s possible looking at the api response of Samsung.


Right now no. Since o don’t have a device like that. I do want to add it but then i need access to such device. You could create an extra personal access token and share it with me in a private message. Then i am able to add support.

@Menno_van_Hout To save a bit on my Homey memory i decided to move my Smartthings integration to this app (sorry @Adrian_Rockall :wink: ).

However while adding my devices I can’t add my Dryer as a Dryer, but it is found as a Washer.

If you need any info let me know :slight_smile:

No worries :grin:

Please send me a private message with your signal or Whatsapp.

Hello there I have a question. I generated the token added it to the app but no devices rather than the washers and dryers. So my question is simple does the app support a full transparent connection between Homey (pro 23) and my lovely Smartthings hub? I have some aeotec devices on the Smartthings whom has more variables than when added to Homey (pro?)
Little joke there.
Thanks in advance
Kind Regards

A full transparent connection is impossible. Because I have to implement logic for every single device. Therefor this app wil grow and grow and support for devices will be added over time. (Airconditioning is almost done). That is also why I created the code opensource so other people can contribute.


I see that the support for air conditioning is in the changelog, but I can’t find icon to add air conditioner to my Homey Pro. Will be release later or it is a bug?


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