Samsung washer using smartThings

I’ve bought a samsung washer that use smartthings. Is it possible to let it work with a homey flow?

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Whats on your mine why you need to connect to Homey?

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quickdrive -> ifttt-> homey -> notification or …

I want to makea flow within the wshing machine starts when my VP panels deliver enough power…

Any news on this? I’d like to do the exact same.though homey doesn’t seem to be able to start the washer through the smart things community app

In theory you should be able to start it with the Washer Stats option:

The washing machine has to be switched on and the remote control has to be enabled. But then you can leave it in the Pause state and start it when required by changing it to the Run state.

Edit: I have just noticed there is no Action card for that so I will add one in the next update.

@Fabian_Annequin and @Henk_Post
I have updated the SmartThings app in the HCS. It should now support setting the washer status via a flow, plus the other washer capabilities.

Wauw that’s fast!

I saw the option to start it when remote control was enebled though it never seemed to respond to it. Your update fixed it! Works like a charm :heart_eyes:

Is it possible to do the same for the dryer?

Now of only we didn’t have to manually enable remote control on the washer/dryer. But I’m afraid that part shall never change

Is it separate dryer or integrated with the washing machine?

Hey does all Samsung washing machines with support to smarthings support remote start via the homey HCS? The dryers as well?

I am about to purchase a washer dryer combi and i really do not want to purchase an eco system that does not support remote start feature.

Please share your experience as detailed as possible.

I have not yet installed the HCS and I am waiting on your experience.

Kind regards

With the Samsung washer dryer you need to enable remote control on the machine to allow remote start. So after loading it ,enable remote control, and then start it when you are ready via the app.
The limitation also applies to the SmartThings phone app.
You can monitor the status without the remote control enable, so you can always see the current progress and get notifications when it finishes, etc.

Hi Adrian. I have a samsung single-dryer. I am able to start/stop the dyer with the ‘‘Dryer Status’’ option in homey.
What does not work for me; is to link the dryer to a flow.
As an example I triggered a lamp to switch off when the dryer switches off. But when I test the flow when creating it. The lamp turns off but the dryer keeps running.
So flows with the dryer seem not to work

any ideas what I could be doing wrong?

thx Jaap.

Could you share your flow as I’m not quite understanding what you mean?

If you are using the dryer switching off as the trigger to turn off the lamp, then testing the flow won’t change the trigger / dryer state!

Thanks for the prompt response Adrian. I now use the status of the dryer (pauze / run / stop) instead of the on/off function to let the dryer function. This does work correctly now
Thanks again for your reaction.

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Just to confirm, does this mean it is possible to press the “smart control” button in the morning and only start the washing program in the afternoon?

Not just through smart things, but also through Homey?

I saw mention of a time-out after pressing “smart control” and I’d really like to confirm that that this is not the case.

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I know have a dynamic energy supplier.

In the morning is set the washer (and sometimes the dryer) to the desired program manually, and press the remote control button on the washer/dryer.

When the lowest price hits over one hour, homey starts all power hungry devices.

So you’d probably could put your was in de washer before your holiday, and start it through homey to be ready when you arrive back :sweat_smile:

Sorry for taking so long to reply but I have only just seen your message.

I’m not aware of a timeout, but I haven’t left it waiting for very long yet, so I could be wrong.