Remote starting washing machine via Homey

Guys I am in the market to buy a washing machine and dryer.

Before I make a purchase, I want to check what devices support remote start. I want to be able to start the laundry when the solar panels generating X amount of power. That would be even when I am not at home. Therefore, remote start is for important to me.

I heard that the Samsung washer and dryers has to be started by physically pressing the button. So Samsung is no choice for me anymore.

So I was thinking about Bosch or Siemens washer dryer.

Does anyone own a Bosch or Siemens washer and dryer and can you remote start these machines via Homey?

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I have a Miele washing machine and dryer. Both are started with a button and the remote start does not work. But I glued a Switchbot bot next to the button. Remote start is no longer a problem.


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Should be possible with a Bosch-Siemens-Home-Connect
Never used it but you should load and close the door then press a button so it knows to wait for the remote control.

I knew about the switchbot button but I wanted more of a built in sollution. This is mainly because most of the new appliances are now with soft touch buttons so the switchbot poke would not work for these machines. But since your on the subject is the switchbot based on bleutooth or Zigbee? And is it strong enough to push the buttons without ripping it self from the washingmachine?

Could you please try this and tell me how it went?? And if I understand from your reply you mean that i can press the button in the morning and let it wait for like 4 hours to let Homey give a start command? is this possible?

It is based on bluetooth. I myself use the Switchbot Hub to control my IR devices with your infrared function. Yes, the bot is very powerful. I also use it to switch on a fully automatic coffee machine, the lighting in the bathroom cabinet and switch on several computers / servers. The range is about 10 meters around the hub. It even penetrates 3 walls with me.

I’ve got a Samsung and remote start is possible but you need to press a remote on button on the washing machine first than its possible to do it remotely