Bosch / Siemens App for Home Appliances


I have just installed the Bosch Siemens App. I was able to connect my Dryer in Homey and when I open the device, I see basic information such as Door open/closed, Remaining time and progress.

However when I build a flow I cannot use these information. Is there any way to get access to these variables? Well these are pulled from the dryer/web server and I wanna make use of them to build a flow.

Any ideas?


Please share the flow you made, then we can see where it’s going wrong:
image image
Using this ‘Share’ button, You’l get a link, that you can use here.

Haven’t made a flow yet. As I could not select time or progress as a trigger.

Then maybe show what the triggers are and then maybe u can use them in the middle colom with some logic?

Looks those are not available for the AND… column. However thats what I have created:

And in the device this information is available:

“Then” could then be what ever action, push message, LED ring etc.

So to specify my question: Any chance to get hold of the information in the device and use it in a flow? :slight_smile:

So when u click the questionmark on the left in ur logic card u cannot find the tags belonging to ur device? Assuming u clicked on the link in my previous post then there must be a bug in the app.

Right, that’s what I did… But the “Trockner” device does not show up there.

New to Homey.
Recently I added my Bosch Washing machine and Siemens Dryer.
I’m faced with the following issues:

  • On the device screen(s) I see Deur open status and remaining time but no Progress percentage
  • What is worst, I don’t get the program finished event for the dryer.
  • For the Washer, I get the event BUT, when I open the door I get the event again.

Is there anyone else with the same issues or is there anyway to debug this?

For a few days, the dishwasher loses connection to “Home Connect” after a few minutes after “Repair”.
I did a new Install of the App in Homey but it doesnt work.
Has anybody th same issues or a solution.


Would anyone know if Proline appliances are compatible with the Homey app? And, does the Homey app indicate when parts need to be replaced? This would be an amazing feature. It would save a lot of time by not having to find the issue myself to then having to buy repair parts afterwards. I could then immediately buy repair parts.