Bosch / Siemens App for Home Appliances


I have just installed the Bosch Siemens App. I was able to connect my Dryer in Homey and when I open the device, I see basic information such as Door open/closed, Remaining time and progress.

However when I build a flow I cannot use these information. Is there any way to get access to these variables? Well these are pulled from the dryer/web server and I wanna make use of them to build a flow.

Any ideas?


Please share the flow you made, then we can see where it’s going wrong:
image image
Using this ‘Share’ button, You’l get a link, that you can use here.

Haven’t made a flow yet. As I could not select time or progress as a trigger.

Then maybe show what the triggers are and then maybe u can use them in the middle colom with some logic?

Looks those are not available for the AND… column. However thats what I have created:

And in the device this information is available:

“Then” could then be what ever action, push message, LED ring etc.

So to specify my question: Any chance to get hold of the information in the device and use it in a flow? :slight_smile:

So when u click the questionmark on the left in ur logic card u cannot find the tags belonging to ur device? Assuming u clicked on the link in my previous post then there must be a bug in the app.

Right, that’s what I did… But the “Trockner” device does not show up there.

New to Homey.
Recently I added my Bosch Washing machine and Siemens Dryer.
I’m faced with the following issues:

  • On the device screen(s) I see Deur open status and remaining time but no Progress percentage
  • What is worst, I don’t get the program finished event for the dryer.
  • For the Washer, I get the event BUT, when I open the door I get the event again.

Is there anyone else with the same issues or is there anyway to debug this?