Bosch / Siemens Home Connect app


I am pretty new to Homey, and still uncertain if this is the product I am looking for. I have a question about the Bosch / Siemens Home connect app. I installed it on my homey pro, and what strikes me is that I cannot use the app to control my dishwasher and dryer. In the own bosch app you just hit the button start and the dryer or dish washer starts remotely.

I cannot find any of these features in the homey home connect app. I cannot select a programm to run nor to start / stop or pause it. All I see is the time remaining, whether the door opened and how much the programm has progressed. This is information about the machine that is of less interest.

One of my primary goals for the homey is to use it to replace several separate smart home apps. If I cannot start / stop my bosch dishwasher or dryer using the homey app what is the use of this homey app?

Did I miss out on something? Anyone any suggestions?

If the functionality is not there, I’d create a support ticket or do a feature request. It didn’t have a functionality I was missing and they implemented it upon my request .

It must be possible, at the THEN part I have this option

Hi and thanks for your reply. Actually this is not what I want because flows are used to automate things. I want to press de button dryer in the devices section and than dryer starts to dry…

I see no scenario to automate the start of a dryer session so the use if a flow is not what I intend

You can make a virtual device, for instance called dryer. Make a flow to start the dryer and in the WHEN part use your virtual device called dryer

Thanks for your suggestions I really appreciate it. However this would leave me with either creating a virtual device for every dryer program I use or to have the virtual device always start the same program. This is not what i am seeking.

These are all work arounds for the fact that the homey bosch home connect app omits these functions in its interface

Always can contact the devolper, and ask for implement things.


New to Homey.
Recently I added my Bosch Washing machine and Siemens Dryer.
I’m faced with the following issues:

  • On the device screen(s) I see Deur open status and remaining time but no Progress percentage
  • What is worst, I don’t get the program finished event for the dryer.
  • For the Washer, I get the event BUT, when I open the door I get the event again.

Is there anyone else with the same issues or is there anyway to debug this?

Up until today I got an event on my dryer being finished but after the app update today its gone. Anyone else experiencing some issues?

Yeah, none of my devices is connected after update…

Here it seems like I’m getting an update now - but it’s delayed by 1,5-2 hours :frowning: