Bosch Siemens Home Connect - dishwasher issues

Anyone else using this to start their dishwasher?

I use it to turn on when cheap rate energy starts at 00:00.

It works 20% of the time.

Anyone else having issues.

I have emailed the App developer.

I check the door is shut before telling it to start.

Sometimes it works, most of the time it just error outs of the command.

Maybe you can show your used flows and which app version you are using and which Homey.
The app has updated 2 days ago.

Assuming that you are aware, and this then becomes a silly question:

This is what I remember from my machine:
As far as I am informed, you need to explicitly locally enable the remote start functionality EVERY time you want to use remote start, which, for me defies the purpose of remote starting.

Did you occasionally forget to enable it before remotely triggering the start?

As you seem 80% in trouble, I am assuming this is not the issue, but I want to ask this to be sure anyway.


Valid question , but the issue is intermittent.

Last night at 00:02 flow issued command start Eco, and errored out

Reset to same flow to 11:25 so I could observe, worked.

So trying to get this working before my wife kills me !,! :slight_smile:

When I get back to a PC I’ll grab the flow and publish it here.

Yup - the W.A.F. is key for any home automation :slightly_smiling_face:

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Homey 10.0.2

Bosch Siemens Home Connect x3.2.47

Sometimes it works most often does not - I run a check at 10:30pm just after we go to bed with an alert if the door not closed.

The door being open has not been a reason for failure so far.

On our dishwasher you must select a program and then the remote start button. But in the past when you select a program on the dishwasher and an other program on Homey it doesn’t work. I don’t know (not recently tested) but maybe this is a problem?

A valid input, but does not explain why the same flow works one night and fails the next.

My wife has gone back to setting a daily timer on it, and that work well.

Bosch Siemens Home Connect app is broken, and it hangs from time to time. I created a flow what regularly restart the app and now all other flows work. My friend also has these problems, and he restarts the app when the dishwasher stats based on smart plug energy consumption.

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Same kind op problem here, when the ovens are connected everything works fine but… they disconnect with Homey after a day.

When I repair the ovens in the app it’s working again.

Same for my washer, it works like 15% of times, now i restart app every day, lets check if it helps…

Hello i wonder how flow looks like to restart the app? I have the same problem, in the morning the dishwasher havent start when the price is low.
Kind regards

Did it help?

@Crister_Karlsson1 To restart the Home Connect app you need one flow.
But you have to turn on the Power User in Homey, if i am correct.
That is under “Expreriments”

Hi, recently I noticed a new feature in de Home Connect app. They added Smart Start based on lowest price upcpming 12 hours.
You need to start the washer by the Home Coonect app while the smart start feature is enabled. Handy for use during dynamic energy contracts.
Is there someone already experiencing with this feature?

regards. Marco