Samsung SmartThings Tv notifications?

I’m getting back to my Homey after some stability issues (PSU) and a lot of Zigbee Aqara devices losing contact (still not done re-adding).

But I’ve now got a few Samsung SmartThings devices, TV (Q8) and a washer/dryer. Supposedly you can make the washer send notifications to the TV, which is awesome! I’ve done the same with Kodi from Homey, but being able to send to the actual screen makes more sense.

Is it possible to integrate SmartThings with Homey so I can send from Homey to the TV?

I’m not sure about sending from Homey to the TV but I have a SmartThings app in the community store ( ) that can bring a Samsung washer / dryer into Homey.

Great work! Thanks!

The TV-notification is really just a novelty. I don’t have a SmartThings Hub, but I guess I can still set up automations through the app? Probably online or a hub built-in the TV or something?

I could then probably have those notifications directly.

Bringing the washer/dryer to Homey is great!

The washer / dryer doesn’t need a hub as it connects directly to your online account via WiFi and I believe the TV is the same. So you can still use the SmartThings app to control it. I just installed the Samsung SmartThings app on my phone from the Android store and I can view and control my washer / dryer in there. Actually, I think I had to setup the washer via the app, but it was a long time ago so I could be wrong.

The hub is only needed for ZigBee and Zwave devices but obviously yu already have Homey for that.

I just set it up via the app (Smart Things). There seems to be a couple of other apps as well, but I think SmartThings is the current app that should be used.

I haven’t messed around too much with it, but it seems like I might’ve been wrong, you can’t push notifications to the TV. I was sure this was a possibility, and now I’m kinda disappointed :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Guess I have to have the hub for that?

Edit: I noticed it says “Core Piston” so this probably another service?

It wonder if there’s an API where you can access TV notifications.