Zooz z-wave plus 700 series 4-in-1 sensor

Hello. I am trying to find an app to support the Zooz multisensor ZSE40. I tried to add this as a generic device but that did not work. I cannot find anything specific for Zooz so wonder if there is a community app for this.

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I have reached out to Zooz support already about creating an app for their devices in Homey and they said no until more demand grows. The best thing you can do is to make an official support request with Zooz but don’t hold your breath. I am currently keeping my Zooz devices paired with my SmartThings controller until the day Zooz actually supports Homey. They make really good Z-Wave devices and it’s a shame I can’t bring them to Homey.

Looks like time to roll our own then. I am trying to figure out how to write apps - i have a few other devices (z-uno based) i need to integrate as well.

If Athom can make drivers for other 3rd party devices like Ikea, I don’t know why they can’t do it for Zooz or Inovelli devices. It will be a struggling up hill battle in the US market if there is low support for devices.

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I have started an app for Zooz support and added the 4-in-1 series 700 sensor. The app is still a work in progress. It does not fetch the current sensor status on startup and does not support settings yet. But it does eventually sync up with the device and does motion detection - what i really needed it for. Any contributions to this app are welcome.

The app source is available in github:


Great effort. Is it in the official app store jet?

The app was submitted to the app store but failed the review because of a few minor issues. I have resubmitted the application now - fingers crossed.

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The feedback I got from homey is that as there is now an official Zooz application I should rather approach the developers to get my code merged into that app. I will reach out to them.


Hey @Johan_Rossouw,

Which devices did you find that are currently missing within the official Zooz app? I’m contact with Zooz and can check if we can get some samples to be added.

Hey @Johan_Rossouw I’m not missing any Zooz devices but I’m missing Homey Flow cards for some of them.

e.g Dimmer switch (ZEN77) has only 3 flow cards:

  • When: Dim-level changed
  • Then: Dim to %
  • Then: Set relative dim-level %

I’m missing the following flows for Dimmer switch (ZEN77):

  • When: Turned on
  • When: Turned off
  • Then: Turn on
  • Then: Turn off
  • flow for double or multitap

On the producer’s website, we can read that this device supports:

  • Programmable double tap and single tap for truly customized control
  • Scene Control (select hubs only): activate scenes and trigger other devices with multi-tap

The lack of mentioned flow cards in Homey blocks me from buying Zooz Dimmer switch (ZEN77) :frowning:

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@Doekse the only ZooZ device I have is this ZSE40 smart sensor. I stopped buying anything ZooZ after I discovered that they did not have an official app. They now do, but I generally buy Zigbee sensors these days as i find them cheaper and more reliable with the Homey Pro.

Hi Johan,
I did buy some XS sensors (ZSE 41, 700 série) from Zooz as Homey said II is comparable with the homey pro. Checking the app al seems compatable!
Surprise, when I want to download the app I got the message it’s not compatable with my homey Pro!:see_no_evil:

Does any body know what’s wrong,

I have a new ZSE18 (800 series chip) that I’m guessing is not fully baked or is missing and it is using the old 500 series chip driver. It has ‘null’ values for measure_battery and alarm_motion and neither can be changed or set.