Smartthings Power Outlets?

Hi, I tried a search with no results so I thought I’d ask. I am currently using Smartthings which I find ok but not really as ‘complete’ as it was made out to be, so I’m thinking about transferring over to Homey however I have invested in quite a few Smartthings power outlets and wanted to know if they are compatible with the Homey?

Iv’e read that the Smartthings sensors are not compatible, is that still the case with the v2.0 firmware?

Also is it possible to run a Smartthings hub and Homey at the same time on the same network?

Thanks in advance for any info.

Athom states that “Homey is a full-fledged SmartThings alternative, the SmartThings Hub can be fully replaced by Homey”: SmartThings transfer to Homey | Homey

So I assume that the sensors should work. If not, ask Athom via the request form why not.

It was from that blog post I got this info -

“This means Homey’s technology can connect to almost everything the SmartThings Hub connects to (SmartThings’ own sensors being a notable exception), and adds a lot more, like your TV.”

That didn’t change, the blog was written on feb. 1st, so after Homey v2 came out… It’s Samsung’s way of preventing users to switch over to competing and better systems…

Is it the same for the power outlets? as that’s what I have most off.

Right sorry, in that case, it’s not going to work I guess :frowning:

Is it? Or is it simply because no one has tried to implement support for them?

EDIT: both deCONZ and zigbee2mqtt support various Smartthings sensors.

@Murdo_Macleod any luck with this? I’m thinking of doing the same.