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as there is a nice community smarthings app, i wonder there is no official app developed and supported by athom. I suggest an official app for smartthings.

You need to put your request to Athom via support@athom.com as they don’t look on here.

And MANY THANKS for your impressive work. Hope Athom will ask you for help and will refund this :wink:


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Hi Adrian,

it’s a little late to write some words to the topic, but since the last days i was a littel busy.
I got an answer for my request and after reading it, i take a deep breath and deleted it.
In short words: Athom tells me if i want an official intgeration of smartthings i go tell it to Samsung because homey is an open system and if Samsung want to play with homey, they have to manage it.

Hmm, i wonder a little about this stubborn position of a small company which made in the last months one mistake after the other. No progress in the officials apps from athom, no new integrations apps of athom, the strange homey bridge to generate money and Athom forget why we all want a local device working without internet. The completly roll off of development to the community or the hardwaremanufacturer is ridiculous.

I’m very disapointed with this position and thinks here the tail waggles with the dog.

So i think, i can forget my request and, btw. if athom stays in this position i thing i take a look on alternatives.


I guess the problem is Samsung don’t make it easy to integrate their system into another. They would prefer that others integrate into them.
So unless you are the likes of Amazon, Google or Apple they don’t want to know.
I haven’t published my SmartThings app in the Athom store because it is difficult for users to setup and is limited by the allowed polling rate.
I was hoping Athom might have more leverage as they can register as a business instead of a user but Samsung still make it difficult.

So although it’s very frustrating for us I do have a bit of sympathy for Athom. Maybe one day someone at Athom will feel like a challenge and have a few months to spare.