Samsung Smartthings and Homey

I’m new to home automation and started out with Philips Hue. I also have a fridge, oven and a dishwasher that is connected through wifi. All from Samsung.

Now I want to add, smartplugs, water detectors, door contacts and more.
I have the possibility to buy some of Samsungs devices, for a really good price and now wonder if those devices will work with Homey. I understand that there is no app for them but will they work anyway? And will my other Samsung appliances work with Homey too?


When there is no app it will be difficult. You can ask Athom to add those devices. Sometimes you can add a general Zwave device. But when it is discovered by Homey you only have a on/off function.

Smart plugs also work very nice when you want to implement a dumb device.

@Marcel_Ubels thanks for the quick reply. Where can I do a request for new devices to be added?

You can do this here;

Thank you! :slight_smile: