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i think Homey needs to allow adding of general zigbee devices and choose whether its a plug, switch or what not…having to wait on athom or the community to make apps for simple devices to work is whats gonna hold back this Smart Home Hub, new devices can be added out of box to any of the other smart homes, as i have 5 hubs currently testing, but this one is lacking majorly on it.

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@Mike_Breault Do you mean the possibility to add generic Zigbee device isn’t working for your devices?

No. That works. Just once added. You cant change anything about that device type. Its just a generic device which sits there doing nothing. Cant turn it in or off.

You keep complaining here how limited Homey is in supporting devices. At the same time, you’re testing 5 (!) other, according to your words, better SmartHome systems which supports such devices.

Athom explicitly points out in its knowledge database that you should check the app store to see which devices are supported (e.g. Z-Wave and Zigbee). So perhaps you should have informed yourself better before.

Athom is also in the process of adding generic functions for Zigbee and Z-Wave devices. Infos about the process can be found in the firmware changelogs (link) and the blog (link). Zigbee lamps and Zigbee and Z-Wave smart plugs including energy measurement have already been added, so I don’t know why your Sonoff S31 smart plug doesn’t work.
And I’m sure more features will be added in the future.

If you’re not satisfied with Homey, if the number of supported devices is too small or the integration process for generic devices takes too long, then give your Homey back, you have time until the end of January, as you explicitly mention in your other topic. Or better, sell your Homey to someone who values it and continue testing the other 5 systems. So what’s the problem?

Btw, this is a community forum and your posts, questions and suggestions will not be read by Athom.
So contact Athom and please stop spreading a bad mood here.


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