Generic device support list

I’ve been finding that when migrating devices over to my homey bridge / cloud with pro subscription that some devices not officially supported by an app, which I have installed as a generic device, actually work very well. At some point when the supply chain settles I will order a Homey Pro 2023. But until then, the bridge is serving me quite well because of this.

I have read that homey will only support basic on/off commands for a generic device. But I have also found dimming, colour and hue control to be working on the ones I have.

Is there already a community managed list of generic / unsupported devices and their functionality?

I started to track what works and what doesn’t as I go. I don’t know if it will be useful for a wider audience or not, but I’ve publicly shared the google sheet here.

If anyone thinks it will be useful, feel free to add your own using the form here. If not, maybe what I add will be useful for others.


It only being on/off is indeed old news.
Though this list could contain thousands of devices, not very viable to create it IMHO.

For Z-wave it is (for 1 channel):
On/Off (Basic, no sensors etc more wall warts)
Dim (Multilevel_Switch, Homey Pro (early 2023) only)

And for ZigBee it is (for 1 channel):
Hue/Saturation (color)

Ah well, I could not find that information anywhere. Only adamant references to only on/off working.

If this is the case, agree it is less useful to track it. I thought I had found something interesting.

@Caseda i don’t suppose you know what the standard supported functionality is like for generic Zigbee wall switches/scene controllers?

wall switches without an output and scene controllers are not basic on/off, so they will have on/off as capability, but they most likely will not work.

When you say wall switches without an output, do you mean those battery powered stick on style ones?

I’m looking at ones with physical wiring points on the rear. There is only one officially supported model, by aquara, and it does not have a 3 gang option.

I guess I can just buy one and try!