Adding "generic" Zigbee Devices

Hi all together, since I am quite new to Homey, I might ask slightly redundant questions, please forgive me for that.

Currently I am using only Homey Bridge. Since the Bridge does not support community apps, I cant install e.g. the Sonoff App to connect my multiple Sonoff Devices (Temp/Humidity Sensor), Bridges and Door sensors via Zigbee to the Bridge. I was wondering if I could add them as a “generic” Zigbee Device - but it seems that Homey does not find e.g. the Bridge or Bridge Plus when I put them in connectivity mode.

How well would the sensors work anyways as generic devices?

Kind Regards,

They wouldn’t, the “generic Zigbee device” implementation is limited to lights and sockets.

Thanks Robert! Learned something again :slight_smile: