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Sonoff ZBMini (zigbee) to Homey Bridge

I have a Homey Bridge and I have to say, it works great. However… I want to make my dumb light switches (the rocker switches) smart with a zigbee module in between. Price quality I arrive at the SONOFF ZBMINI smart switch, but the Sonoff app is not yet available for Homey Bridge.

Is it possible to add an ‘unknown zigbee device’ to my Bridge? In other words… if I press the plus sign next to devices to add a new one, it will automatically search for new devices. Will he find the unknown SONOFF ZBMINI smart switch for the bridge? Because I have not installed the Sonoff app on my bridge?

Just try.
But I think mostly lamps and plugs can be added as generic zigbee device.

thanks, but how can I add a generic zigbee device to the homey bridge?

Connect new device > Homey > zigbee

ahhhhhh, no way. Never thought there was something behind the homey app in homey :slight_smile: I will try… thanks!

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