How do I add a device as a 'Generic Zigbee Device'?


I have noticed in some discussions people saying to add a device as a Generic Zigbee Device. I want to try this with a switch I have, but can’t figure out how to add it as a Generic Device.

Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Using Homey version 2.0.5



Add a device, pick Homey and choose zigbee.


Awesome… thanks for the pointer :slight_smile:

Does this work for anyone? I’ve just got an LEDVANCE (rebranded Osram) switch and it doesnt seem that Homey is even looking for anything…

I believe it only works for devices that accept on/off commands, like bulbs or sockets. Not switches.

Thanks (as always) @robertklep
Amazing after all this time something like this isn’t supported… really disappointing that it can’t just detect an on/off command

I am not able to add my white label door sensors as generic… anyone know why?

Are we talking about actually being to use it as a generic device, which only works if the device supports te on off capability, or are we talking about simply add it to get device info, so an app developer can create support for it? The latter should always be possible I believe.

If you cannot get it to add, then you’re having general pairing issues. There are lots of topics on how to approach that, regardless of the brand or type of Zigbee device. But you at least need the devices instructions on how to get it in pairing mode, and/or instructions on how to factory reset it if it was added before.

If it adds as generic but is of no use, then you need to look for a developer to support it. White label stuff is more often than not Tuya, the app developer is in general happy to use the info you get from the generic device (once added) to enable support for it. Osram recently added a Ledvance app.

Hi @Edwin_D .
First i am trying to add generic Zibgee, through the Homey app, in order to get device info, and contact the developer and ask if he can add support for it.
This is a door open/close sensor… Does that count as on off capability as you mentioned?

But i am not able to add this as generic Zigbee…
I am resetting device by inserting pin for 10 sec, until light flashes rapidly…
Just nothing happening in the Homey app.

after i while it just says that it took too long, and nothing was paired (something like that)…

It’s an alarm capability, not something you can turn on, so it won’t be useable.

Are you having a lot of Zigbee devices connected directly? Check the Homey Developer page to see how many end devices and Zigbee routers you have, and how they are connected (the route).

If you have 15 devices connected directly, you probably need more routers, but you also could try to pair away from Homey, close to a Zigbee router.

When you say its not useable, do you mean that i can’t add this as generic at all? So bacisly it will never work in Homey?
I have a lot if Hue things, but added in Homey thru the hub…
I have no other Zigbee devices than this…
Do i still need a Zigbee router? I thought that Homey would work as this router…

No, I mean you cannot use it as long as its added as a generic device, but only use it after support was added by an app developer and you again add it using the proper driver.

If you have no Zigbee devices added directly to Homey, tha you should be able to add it close to Homey. If you haven’t got anything Zigbee connected directly, I would advise to do a Zigbee reset before trying to add it.

Any Zigbee devices (Hue) connected to the Hue brigde do not count as connected to Homey, but are also not able to provide zigbee routing for the device you want to add directly. You may need a routing Zigbee device if the sensor is too far away from Homey for a direct connection.

I see… But as you say, i should be able to ADD as generic, just not use it?
Thats what i am trying to achieve at this point…
Just add, so i can contact developer…
But right now, can do anything…
So what you think about the router ( questeion in previous post)

Just added extra comments to my previous post…

Thanks a lot for the help Edwin.
I will test all your tips…
One last question… A saw something about channel 11 on Zigbee… Mine is set to 17 in Homey developer… Should i change to 11?

Either should work, but it may interfere with other networks. You could try different channels. I’d advise to use something that isn’t the same as your Hue bridge is using and is not conflicting with your Wifi.

See ZigBee and WiFi Coexistence — MetaGeek for more info.

Where can i see mye Hues channel?

Sorry, can’t help with that. By Hue 1.0 bridge is gathering dust in the attic.
Maybe just try some if this is your first Zigbee coupled directly to Homey? If it works, it works. I guess sitting on the same channel al your Hue brige won’t be that much of a problem. Crowded wifi bands are probably much worse.

Just not able to connect as generic zigbee :frowning:
Have tried “everything”…