Unable to add Generic Zigbee device

I’m trying if I can add a basic on/off inline Zigbee 3.0 switch (brand 3A) as a generic Zigbee device. It’s the only zigbee device I could find that supports a hard wired toggle switch (The RobbSmart inline switch has support for pulse switches, that’s not what I need, and z-wave support is absent in that spot so the Fibaro isn’t an option either).

Anyway, it isn’t found. Should any Zigbee device be able to be added this way (albeit possibly useless without on/off support)? If so I am probably looking at pairing issues.

I am using firmware V5 RC38 and I know it has issues pairing for several people, I could be one of them. The switch is hard wired in the neighborhood of a Hue router (smart plug). Getting Homey close is rather cumbersome in that spot.

If it is an incompatibility issue I will need to pull out an old hue bridge (manual says that shoud work) but I’d rather not, also because its burried under a pile of rubble in the attic.

Does anyone have tips on how to tell what’s going on? (or rather, not going on :slight_smile:). Is there a Zigbee debugging option of sorts in firmware V5?