Zigbee Router CC2530 + CC2591

Dear Community,

i am very new to Homey - just switched from Homewizard.

All is up and running and stable.

To enhance my zigbee connectivity - i flashed a :slight_smile: Create a CC2530 router | Zigbee2MQTT

but how can i integrate it to my homey network?

thanks for all Help!


Try to include it as a generic Zigbee device (Homey app > Devices tab > + > Suggestions: Homey > Zigbee).

thank you Robert - i ve allready tried this - but it does not appear in homey app as a generic zigbee device.

Becouse it is a MQTT device.

I assume he’s just using the hardware, not the full zigbee2mqtt environment.

You try to pair it using the method described, and it doesn’t show up? Perhaps the “generic” Zigbee implementation of Homey assumes at least some Zigbee clusters (like OnOff) are present before accepting a device as a generic Zigbee device.

In that case, you’re out of luck and you need to use supported devices, like the IKEA repeater.

Hey all ,
Thanks for helping me with this.

I managed to connect them now (i have 2) they work like a charm. bought 2 cheap 3,3v Power supplies - put them into a box…

The thing is to flash them with the right Router Firmware - and then connect them to the Network as a “Homey” zigbee device.

It appears that homey does not give a feedback when the device is added and adopted to the network.
but using the developer app - i can see the routers and query them. also they are chained the way they should be. I am now transmitting Zigbee 100m away from my house.

great forum !


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