Paulmann Plug&Shine zigbee controller

Hello, I bought an outdoor light system from Paulmann with a zigbee controller. There is no app or device to connect this controller. I think it should be possible to connect this controller to homey. Is there someone who made this connection? In that case I like to know how.

Thanks in advance

Possibly as a generic Zigbee device, but without a proper app support will be limited.

Connect to your Hue Bridge and use a Hue app in Homey to control.
Works like a charm.

The only thing it should do is turning on or off with a flow in Homey. Do have an example of a generic Zigbee device in Homey?

In the Homey app, start adding a device, then choose “Homey > Zigbee”

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Ah, ok. Thanks. Should it also works with a zigbee 3.0 device?

AFAIK the current Homey Pro doesn’t support Zigbee 3.0, but your device will likely be backward compatible.

I connected it via Hue Hub…works perfect

If you have one.

Thanks for your advices, but I cannot make the connection between Homey and the Paulmann Zigbee device. Maybe it is because I have a Plug and Shine Zigbee device and works different from a Paulmann inhouse device? The Plug and Shine Zigbee device doesn’t have a ‘learn’ mode, only a reset mode.
I still hope someone has thé ultimate solution to connect this device to Homey.

The way Zigbee pairing typically works is that you put Homey in pairing mode, allowing new devices to be added. Then you put the device in pairing mode, which usually means you reset it so it will start looking for a new network to join.

One year after…
Is there still no app to connect with Paulmann Zigbee devices ?
I’m afraid I don’t quite see the interest of Homey Pro if additional hubs are needed for each specific device.
Can somebody help on this topic ?
Thanks !