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Paulmann Zigbee Dimmer

Hello Forum!,

I am a new Homey user coming from hom.ee. Had to drive all the way to Maastricht to get myself a Homey because they are sold out everywhere :smiley:

So I am trying to include my first device only to realise there is no app for Paulmann Zigbee Dimmers. They are perfectly integrated into Philips Hue so I am wondering if I can just run them as Hue or do I need a specific app for this dimmer?

Thank you!

You’ll need to have a specific app for each (Zigbee) device that is added to Homey, linking the device ID’s to the corresponding capabilities within Homey.

If not, only basic onoff function will be available.

Okay makes sense!
I guess I need to look for different zigbee dimmers as this one isn’t fully supported :frowning:

This is the one:


Maybe you could send a request here?

Or create your own app. Maybe others can help you.
I think you need at least
Product ID
Device ID
Profile ID
which you can find after inclusion under Device Information

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Thanks for the link :slight_smile: I do not have the know-how to write apps :frowning: