Homey v7.1 Zigbee Lights not working with Paulmann RGBW candle

Dear Homey team and community, I have try to add a RGBW candle from the brand of Paulmann which does not have a specific application for their devices.
It is added as a standard Zigbee light device, but it does not recognize the RGBW feature.

How can we improve this ?

In regards with topic Paulmann Candle RGBW bulb -> Homey - #4 by Joel_Walther

Thanks for your help !

support@athom.com I suggest.
They say this about generic zigbee lights:

There seems to be a general problem with some manufacturers at the moment. It is reported that the lamps only switch on and off. The dimming and the color change do not work. According to reports, INNR, Müller / Tint, Ikea Tradfi and Osram are affected. It is even reported that the same problem occurs when the lights are registered on the Hue Bridge. They work via the Hue Bridge. As soon as they are to be controlled via Homey, neither dimming level nor color react.

Thanks for the details, oncle Undertaker.

So, maybe this:

any Zigbee light can now be controlled by Homey without the need for an app.

should read this:

many Zigbee lights can now be controlled by Homey without the need for an app.

They forgot an ‘m’ and ‘s’ so it seems🙃


Thanks, I send at support… wait… and see :crossed_fingers:

Thanks to Homey team, they fix an issue with Zigbee Basic device.
I’m now able to use it as I wanted and manage color RGBW.

You will have to install the latest version 7.1.3 (or above)