RGBW Color selection for HUE compatible lamps

Newbee here again…

I have a Paulmann Plug&Shine outdoor 24v system with RGBW leds.
These work perfectly with the HUE bridge and I can modify the colors with the Hue app.
Without utilizing the Hue bridge (which I would like to leave out of the configuration), I have successfully connected the lamps to Homey using multiple Zigbee apps (Hue, Innr, Osram, etc.), but I have not found the possibility to modify the colors. Am I missing something or is this not possible?

Thanks and a great New Years celebration.

It sounds like the device is being added to Homey as a Simple Zigbee Device (which happens if you add it without there being an app for the specific device installed); in other words, it would only support on/off, but no dimming or color modifications.

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yes, it is being identified as a simple Zigbee device…