Paulmann Candle RGBW bulb -> Homey

Dear all,
I bought lamp bulb RGBW candle from Paulmann LED Candle E14 230V 470lm 6,3W RGBW Matt.
I’m able to pair it with Homey but only as Zigbee device, giving me the possibility to switch on/off and to vary the light intensity, but not the colors.
If I pair it with Philips Hue, everything is fine it works good.
But I do not want to have double Zigbee mesh network (big house, with old large stone walls).
How can I manage this candle RGBW candle with Homey ?
Will Athom Homey develop an app for this brand ? It would be grate !

Thanks for your help !

Only if there’s a specific app for this brand+model.

You’d have to ask Athom:

But I don’t think Athom is actively working on any new apps, they are moving towards a situation where they want the brands themselves to develop apps for their products.

You can try to request support for it here, it’s all very well explained:

App in question:

thank you for your answer. It would indeed be nice if the brand makes its own applications. We would gain in quality.

[quote="[APP] Philips Hue Zigbee, post:1, topic:29734"]
e Bathroom Ceiling Light (White Ambiance) (LTC021) Adore Bathroom Mirror Light (LTW017) Amaze Pendant Light (LTP002) Ambiance Spot (LTW013, LTW014) Aurelle Round Panel (3216431P6) Aurelle Rectangular (3216331P6) Aurelle Rectangle Panel (LTC015) Aurelle Square (LTC014) Being Ceiling (LTC001) B

Thanks, I will give a try.

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I can read a nice info with the new version 7.1 : What’s new in Homey v7.1 | Homey

Zigbee Lights

I will try…

The answer is here :

But, v7.1.3 should’ve fixed it?
Isn’t this the solution instead?

yes thanks

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