Adding Hue Play


Does anyone know if it’s possible to connect Hue Play to Homey via one of the apps?

I was hoping it would be recognized of one of the existing Hue devices, but no. Homey sees it as a generic device.

Directly to homey you mean? I just use the bridge instead they connect fine like that

Dont know wich app your using, but at the app store you can see wich devices are supported. The hue play is relativly new so the probbely did not yet added it to the app.

Best thing to is make a request to the devolper of the app.

Yes, to connect Hue Play directly to Homey. I haven’t got the bridge (yet).

Hue devices work fine with direct connection. Well… most of the time, until one of the bulbs loses connectivity despite being surrounded by other Hue/Zigbee devices (Hue A19 is particularly buggy).
I thought I could avoid adding the bridge as it will isolate Hue devices from the other zigbees.

But perhaps there’s no choice… Or I can return the Play lamp ))

Maybe just put the bridge in action? Power consumption is quite low so i like having the hue app also, it is easier to controll them via that imo

Yes, it’s indeed an option.
I guess the benefit of hue bridge is more stable mesh as Homey does not seem to be very strong with my reinforced concrete walls. Bridge gives you firmware updates for the bulbs.
On the other hand, I’d be getting two additional devices, which increase complexity ))

Athom Support replied that they are not planning to support Play in their Hue app.

That would be the shortest waybi guess… and the best coverage overall, i understand you would like less devices and apps but the thing is so small, just hang it somewhere you dont see it. The hue app is just better at changing scenes, dimlight and colour overall so i prefer that. Just on and off is fine with homey.

I didnt check out the homey app though, just added the bridge so I would know afterall

The Hue play is listed as an addabe device but still recognized as generic device.

I am not able to use the Hue bridge but I would also like to do more than just switch the light. Colour change i.e.

Do I miss anything?

please read in the correct topic.

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