HUE without HUE bridge

Yes I am a Homey Bridge (Cloud) user and still not satisfied that there are not many apps available yet. And I am using a Hue light and even that doesn’t work without a Hue bridge.

I bought this Homey because I want not to buy every bridge for every brand.
Beta program does not say anything about these kinda flaws so I really hope that there will be much more apps available real soon and that I will not be charged to pay a monthly fee until these apps are available in Homey Bridge soon.

Did not know this, but I found in a topic that a hue bridge is indeed required. I also hoped it was not necessary, however I do see the advantage of the bridge for firmware updates of the devices itself.

Topic: [Info] Homey - Homey Bridge - Homey Pro Maximums / Limitations - #4 by Oritel

It states:
The Philips Hue App for Homey requires the Philips Hue Bridge. It is possible to use more than one bridge on Homey Pro (local) but maximum of one Hue Bridge in Homey (Cloud)

In the app store it is (in theory) mentioned when an app needs an extra hub/bridge.

It probably will work without a Hue bridge if you add it as a generic Zigbee device.

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Hi Robert,

How can I add a generic Zigbee device?

When adding a device, choose “Homey > Zigbee”.

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Works great Robert, thank you very much.

Cam you describe what the consequences are for being able to control the light? Thinking of getting into the hue world, but dont own a hub yet, so curious to find out it I would have to find a deal with or without the hub

From what I know, the generic implementation supports on/off and dim. Possibly also color, but not sure about that.

But there is very limited generic Zigbee support, if you also want to use sensors you’re going to need specific device support (in the form of an app).

Oh ok, tnx, prob need the hub then

I installed the test version 2.0.048 but it seems to be missing in the “THEN” field the ability to disable the sensor, will this be added in a newer version?

The disable sensor seems availale in the official hue app:
Screenshot 2024-01-10 at 09.16.08

This is not based on a Zigbee setting but on a Hue bridge setting. And this app isn’t using the bridge.

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