Adding Philips Hue bulbs directly to Homey Bridge

I have a new Homey Bridge. I have 4 x new Philips Hue bulbs. How can I control the bulbs without buying Hue Bridge? Amateur user here : )

Short answer: u can’t.

Not even as a generic Zigbee device?

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From what I’ve heard Philips will always make you buy a bridge.

Even with their new Thread based devices that are coming out …

You heard wrong: Philips Hue, without the bridge App for Homey | Homey

I’m confused. Didn’t you guys just say it’s not possible ?

It’s (perhaps) not possible on Homey Bridge (because the aforementioned Homey app isn’t available for Homey Bridge). But Hue devices work fine with non-Philips Zigbee controllers.

And that would be the longer answer!