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Philips Hue

Bought some Philips Hue lights of course without Hue bridge cause I thought that i use my Homey Bridge to connect them. But now i see that i need Philips Hue bridge :rage: . It seemed to me that Hue had been before in the list of applications which dont need their bridge and I can use Homey (or am i wrong?). Now i am very disappointed. Whats the reason to use and have Homey bridge? Fibaro had problems (now it seems that works correctly second day) and I need another bridge for light despite the fact that i have homey.

You are right ánd wrong: the “official” Hue app, created by Athom, has always required the Hue hub. There’s also the “Philips Hue, without the bridge” app, which doesn’t require the bridge. However, that’s a community-developed app, and therefore not available for Homey Bridge (only Homey Pro).

Athom likes to say that the Homey Bridge is “the last smart home hub you’ll ever need”, but I guess they meant to add “…aside from the Philips Hue hub”.